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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to Style Your Kimono Into Fall: Thrifted Fashion


How to Style Your Kimono Into Fall: Thrifted Fashion

Confession: the piece I'm wearing above isn't a real "kimono"--in the sense that I thrifted it for $1 as a sheer seperate that was paired with a dress about five sizes too big for me! Basically, it was a perfect "kimono-inspired" piece, which was EXACTLY what I was looking for! In fact, that same day, I bought another floral "kimono" just like it at Use it Again Thrift Shop in Muskegon, Michigan.

Unfortunately, my dedication to finding a second-hand piece rather than rushing out to buy a brand new item came a little later than this spring/summer trend began, but that wasn't of much concern to me--I knew I could easily style it into fall!

For those of you who might have a kimono in your summer wardrobe, have no fear--you can transition this item in to your autumn rotation easily! Tips are bulleted below!




  • Pair your kimono with a longer item with more coverage, such as a long maxi dress (as I did)
  • Use a belt or other items to add extra layers (such as scarves, hats, etc.) to create texture and warmth
  • Try pairing your kimono with jeans and boots rather than shorts and sandals
  • Pair a kimono with a long sleeved shirt and a heavier bib necklace for an autumnal "boho" look
  • If you want to keep the shorts with your kimono, add tights and boots or closed toed shoes like Oxfords or flats
  • Add your kimono under a fur vest or another warm piece to add depth, length and warmth to your existing outfit


Looking for more tips on how to work your summer wardrobe in to fall? Check out this video from stylist Lindsey Albanese on EOnline.  Also, as this article from states, it's really just about "adding on" to your staple pieces until you have a weather appropriate ensemble!

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