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Monday, October 13, 2014

Just in Time for Halloween: DIY Flapper Headband


Just in Time for Halloween: 
DIY Flapper Headband

Looking for a pretty and inexpensive Halloween costume? Dressing for the Lumber Baron's Ball this last Saturday (1920's themed) taught me that putting together a decade appropriate outfit can be a totally frugal affair! I'll have a re-cap of my outfit (which was totally based out of my closet and thrifted, of course) later, but I wanted to share the simple and 100% secondhand "flapper-style" headband I created using only items I had laying around the house, and my sewing machine.


In fact, that's why I'm sharing! Let's face it, you could easily go out and buy some sequined elastic and a feather, bust out your hot glue gun, and make a head dress in minutes. But why buy something new and waste resources when you have all the scraps and bits at home to put together this romantic gem?



I gathered my materials; a fabric flower I had laying around, reclaimed cotton lace, a vintage brooch, some odds and ends pearls...a few random get the picture!

Also:  thin waistband elastic, scissors, a spool of thread, and a needle.

I had the elastic laying around in my sewing drawer. I measured a piece at a comfortable width for the circumference of my head, and then I sewed the ends together. 


Then, I stretched the elastic while stitching some salvaged cotton lace over it, to "pretty up" the elastic. I wanted a softer, antique look with the white--rather than bright, flashy sequins.


I arranged the flower and brooch the way I liked it (positioned off to the side and together, as the focal piece) and then sewed them on to the elastic, trying the headband on every now and again to test the fit/mockup.


From that point, I sewed all of the jewelry bits around the flower and brooch (underneath, and around to create a "crowned" effect) and...voila!


Clearly, it's not rocket science--I mean, I sewed some stuff on to an elastic headband! 

But the idea here is:

What can you use for your Halloween costume this year that you already have laying around? How can you reduce your consumption of goods, and what might you be able to salvage or use secondhand?

Share your creative ideas on my Thrift Trick Facebook page!

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