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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two Birch Jewelers: Service and Product Review for Wedding and Engagement Ring Products

Two Birch Jewelers: 
Service and Product Review for Wedding and Engagement Ring Products

My fiance proposed to me with a beautiful, simple white gold solitaire. It was a family ring and amazingly, fit me perfectly without needing re-sizing. Anyone who knows me and my viewpoints on finances and expensive jewelry knows that I was thrilled that our engagement didn't create any sort of monumental debt. I don't subscribe to the idea of expensive jewelry and I'm always shocked in horror when people tell me that they are walking around with a $10,000 ring on their finger--particularly if their other half can't really afford to make a purchase like that! It's not what's important, and statistically, there's a lot of research out there that suggests a little humility might be an imperative thing if you actually want your marriage to last.

With that sort of frugality and sensibility in mind, I set out to find a wedding wrap (or ring guard) that would compliment my engagement ring on our big day. I was also interested in selecting two rings: one sterling silver or white gold that I could wear with silver jewelry, and one rose gold that would work with my bronze, rose gold and regular gold jewelry.

But wait--before you think I'm a total diva--you'll have to reserve judgment. =)

I knew I didn't want to spend much, and the local selection at  jewelers for ring guards and wraps was almost non-existent.

That's where Two Birch came in.

I found both of these rings--the Sterling Silver Contour Ring and the Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Vintage Fan Style Ring (both with Cubic Zirconia) for under $60 each. I viewed the Two Birch site but mainly did my shopping and browsing on Amazon. They are both beautiful! And if you are the sort of person who demands diamonds, you can get any style Two Birch ring for more with diamonds instead of CZ. Their selection of ring wraps, guards, wedding sets and engagement rings is amazing. I personally found their jewelry to be among the most affordable thing I'd found online!

Everyone who has seen my rings is impressed with their quality and luster (I couldn't really capture the sparkle and clarity with my camera!). When I noted my choice of Cubic Zirconia, people said, "You wouldn't even need to tell anyone! No one would ever know!" The quality pleases me, but I want EVERYONE to know...I paid very little for these rings, and they are beautiful! It's OKAY to choose CZ! 

I didn't have to worry about blood or conflict diamonds, and my wedding wrap didn't cost the equivalent of down-payment for a car. I'm saving for home ownership, why would I want to take on debt like that?

The best part about paying very little is the freeing feeling. If I were to lose or damage my rings, it's ok. The world won't end. It's just a ring.

I've saved the best thing about Two Birch for last--the customer service. (By the way, this post is not sponsored by Two Birch--the photos and opinions contained are all my own as a consumer, with no compensation given. They had no idea I was going to review their company in my blog...)

Before I purchased my rings, for $10, I ordered the PerfectFit kit by Two Birch, which came with ring sizers (handy) as well as molding material (very easy to use). This allowed me to send a mold of my solitaire to Two Birch for fitting purposes. The company then took this mold and matched it with different ring wraps, sending me photos along the way, and discussing the fit and different choices I might want to make. Because I really wanted something that would nicely compliment my solitaire and something I would love for--well, hopefully a VERY long time, haha--this took almost a month of sizing, pictures, and I even sent a few rings back in the process.

Dozens of emails and pictures later (I worked with a representative named Maria who was very helpful), I had my two rings--which I adore.

I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of customer service and attention I was given during this time for my purchase, which only totaled $120 all together.

I honestly can't recommend Two Birch enough as a jeweler, particularly for the couple who is trying to make an informed, reasonable purchase for their engagement or wedding. There are affordable CZ and diamond choices, and you can feel GOOD about not breaking the bank.


  1. The "two birch" is such an underrated ring that I'm shocked that someone else other than me managed to discover it. I've worn mine since my husband used one to propose to me. Upon receiving it I was SHOCKED by my husbands great sense of style. In case your wondering, I of course said yes to my "future" husband's hand.

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs the Jewellers

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