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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tea Time: Ideas to upcycle thrifted teacups!

Upcycled Teacup Fun!
I LOVE teacups and dishes. It's so hard for me to walk away from them in the thrift store--even in incomplete sets! I always think of gifts, tea for one, or crafting projects! The good news is that you don't have to feel guilty about a teacup purchase if it was only 99 cents at a thrift store. They make an adorable gift and you can feel great about recycling something that would otherwise end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere...
The picture above is a gift for a friend that I made, and the first idea for vintage or upycled teacups in my blog today, which features ideas from other blogs or websites that I discovered!
As you can see, I made a Teacup Planter ( shown above). The delicate little yellow rose teacup and matching saucer was a 1.49 at a local thrift store, and I potted a baby Petunia that was a cutting from a larger plant. I have many babies going from parent plants in my house for just such occasions! Read on to discover some other ideas for vintage china that are not only creative for the tea fanatic but just plain cute for anyone!

vintage teacup bird feeder
Teacup Bird Feeder
How darling! Check the tutorial here from

Make an Upcycled Teapot Lamp
Upcycled Teacup and Teapot Lamp
I'd love to try this. How cute for a kitchen, library, or den. Instructions here from
Cupcake in a Teacup Pincushion (recycled/upcycled/repurposed!)
Cupcake in a Teacup Pincushion
Oh CUTE! What a nice gift for a seamstress. My mind starts to wander as to what else you could stick in there...and what about a real cupcake with a candle for the tealover? Maybe something special like a bergamot cupcake...oh yes....

DIY: Upcycled Teacup Candles
Upcycled Teacup Candle
These are so precious. I'm not one for candlemaking, but I have an idea on how I could actually do this craft with pre-made candles melted down, using the same base and wick. I will update you...going to try it soon!

-Teacup and saucer as a jewelry container for rings or small earrings

-Broken or smashed china and teacups for use in mosaic art

-Teacup as a candy dish (nice gift--fill with Bergamot French candy?)

-Chandeliers and even bracelet bangles (anyone ever try that? I'd like to know how!)

--Fill with coffee beans and stick decorative pens or pencils for the coffee lover's desk at work!

Have other ideas? I’d love to hear them—leave a comment!


  1. I'm trying the birdcup feeder! What a clever idea--water on the inside and seed on the rim of the saucer. Can't wait til spring!

  2. this is a really cute idea for planters! i also love the teacup bird feeders. you've given me some great gift ideas for birthdays coming up. thanks!

  3. I have done the tea cup with purchased candle. Since most candles have a metal base at the bottom of the wick. I use a candle warmer one you can set candle in to melt and repore into any container I wish to use.

  4. Very clever, Laurie! Great tip! Thanks for reading and sharing! :)

  5. Very clever, Laurie! Great tip! Thanks for reading and sharing! :)

  6. Another great trick is filling them *almost full* of whole coffee beans (darker roasts work better, flavored coffees work as well) and pushing down a foil-cup votive candle - the kind that come in their own little metal holders - until the candle's top is level with the beans. Light, and wait.
    When the wax turns liquid and hot, the beans warm and release a lovely "coffee is ready" aroma. When the candle burns away, let the little metal cup cool and pull it out for disposal. You can replace it with a new votive and reuse! :)
    It also - in this method - makes a unique "seating card" when you tuck the assigned person's card into the cup (candle unlit, of course) or in front of the cup (candle lit). After a dinner party, they can all be lit (if unlit during dinner) to clear the scent palate for/during dessert, and even be gifted to each guest as a special memento of the evening.

  7. I forgot to add - you can also wrap a larger votive in heavy-duty foil to match the size of a larger mug-capacity teacup!

  8. How fancy, A.G.! What a wonderful idea--thank you so much for sharing that tip! I'm a coffee-holic, so that sounds like heaven to me! :)


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