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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Treasures of Today


The Treasures of Today’s thrift

In a mere five minutes post-work, I scored the mega-fabulous kitsch monster of an owl planter you see above for 99 cents. 30 minutes later at home, a plant had already taken residence in the ceramic goodness that now sits on my dining room table. The owl powers are growing.

This beautiful 24 karat plated glass bowl with lid and all of the wonderful antique jewelry inside was a lovely gift my boss left for me on my desk yesterday. She is so thoughtful. I just about squealed with delight! The cameo picture brooch is huge and quite old...I about flipped on that one. Had to share and say thank you for my good fortune.

I am so blessed by the thoughtful people in my life.

Costume jewelry makes me sing; 99 cents worth of bling.

Oh! And this! This! A 1949 children's book for .49. WONDERFUL, frameworthy illustrations and photographs. I try to pass up vintage books because there was a time when I just went crazy with them. This was just too great. I know I will frame several of the pages!

This 1977 pop up Wizard of Oz book was simply just. Too. Cool.
Gifts included as a big scoreboard, the items in today's blog totaled $4.00.

Have you been Thrifting lately?

Places I would highly recommend for fabulous deals on antiques, if that is your bag:

-Hope's Outlet at any location in Muskegon, MI or Grand Haven, MI

-Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift in Grand Haven, MI or Muskegon, MI

-St. Vincent De Paul's in Grand Rapids, Mi or Muskegon, MI


  1. Very nice scores in record time. Just proves you just have to make hunting a routine to score the best stuff!


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