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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Into the closet: favorite and recent vintage dress finds

I cleaned out my closet…

And it felt so nice! I grouped things by color, print and/or accent color, organized all my blazers and skirts, and "dumped" two garbage bags of ill-fitting, outdated or non-functional clothing! Thank you, SPRING BREAK!

What a perfect time to pull out some of my favorite and most recent vintage dress finds! You'll see each dress has its tag/designer in the corner. Vintage hunting tip: check the tag. I can spot true vintage from across the room; however, if you're not sure--check the tag! Vintage type-fonts and embroidered tags (or NO tags at all!) are the telltale sign of true vintage.

Don't pay a million dollars on Etsy...roll your sleeves up and dig a bit! You can find great vintage at your local thrift store. No dress on this page cost more than three dollars and 4 out of 6 were only $1.59.

Vintage Toni Todd

I love this piece. So pretty and the rhinestone buttons and belt accents just knock it out of the park for me! Pretty and glam spring pastels...

Vintage Willow Ridge

I love this little blue and purple paisley shirt dress. Get lots of compliments on it whenever I wear it. Right when I went to snap the pic the wind picked up and the dress began to dance for me! :)

Vintage Miss Shaheen

How awesome is this mod peacock print dress? Hot.

Vintage Stuart Alan

I like the fringy cowl neck on this super soft knit vintage. Great piece for layering in fall and winter with belts and sweaters!

Vintage Leslie Fay

I love the idea of perking up this hot pink 80's short sleeved shirt dress with slammin' red heels and long, wavy curls...great summer look!

Vintage Schrader Sport

Late 70's nautical/sporty striped shirt dress! I love the collar pop with super bright red. Should have pressed the wrinkles out before snapping the pic...oops! This outfit would look great with red heels as well..possibly with a cute red knit cap or beret or tight curls.

Thanks for looking today and let me know what you think!

Which of these dresses would you like to see in an outfit?


  1. WANT. the. peacock. dress.
    The hot pink one, too!

    You got some great finds there for super cheap!

  2. Thanks so much Maegan and Kelly!

  3. Love the peacock dress, that's my favorite,but the Vintage Toni Todd is a close second

  4. Chantal, the peacock dress is amazing! I so enjoy reading your blogs...though I tend to read them several days later and look at several all at once. You keep me inspired. What great finds!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks so much Michelle! I'm so glad you are reading and enjoying!


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