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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hodge Podge

A cute little ensemble I wore to the studio a few weeks ago...
A little of this, and that…

It's been an interesting week!

I haven't had much time for the jewelry giveaway that I had planned, plus a few other DIYs, outfit shoots and "Thrift Trick Imposter" blogs. But it will come soon enough...

The weather has been absolutely (and unseasonably) gorgeous, warm and sunny here in Michigan--we're on a streak of near eighties for a week! It's just unreal! Though the warm rays of goodness have caressed my soul, we've been awfully sad here at our residence after our dog of 17 years, Joe, turned up missing just over a week ago. He was a friend, our first "baby", and a wonderful and faithful pet. We feel strongly that he may have went somewhere to "pass on" as older animals sometimes do. Wherever you are, Joe...we love you!

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few random pictures with you that didn't transpire into full blog entries of their own. I'll be back this weekend to share some fun things and hopefully to post multiple entries. Enjoy!

Home made lentil soup with greek yogurt and cilantro...

And strawberries on sale!

Marked 1966, I bought this cute little mod coffee mug for .49 today...

Affro curls...had a little fun with my hair on St. Patrick's day, though I didn't end up wearing this green dress!
(It was my second attempt at a hair DIY that I've since talked about here at the blog...and it still didn't turn out quite as well as what I had hoped, or how the original DIY post did. My hair is somehow against tiny curls! Haha! But it was fun and definitely an overall "vintage-y" seventies curl...and I really enjoyed it! It took me over FIFTY small rollers.....Whoah mama.)

The outfit from the pieces pictured above. OH...and the epic tiger in the vocal booth. DUDE!
My band Chantron is getting ready to release a new single. I'll let you know when it's ready!

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