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Saturday, March 24, 2012



It's a hoarder friendly way of saying, "I'm obsessed!"

But really...sometimes I just love to get all my items out and put them in a big pile and roll in them.

OK, maybe I just roll in it with my eyes.

What do I collect?

-Vintge clip on and screwback earrings

-Vintage Brooches

-Owls and Mallard Ducks

-Marushka Screen Prints

And all kinds of household items. Behold, a feast for the eyes! I probably don't need to tell you that all of these items were THRIFTED (not antiqued) for less than a few dollars each. The most expensive item was the Marushka print, at $4.50.

(BY THE WAY, that's a wooden DUCK PHONE you are looking at. And if you aren't already jealous enough, THE FREAKIN' eyes light up when it rings.)

Thanks for peeking at the blog today. I'll see you tomorrow for an outfit post!


  1. Very cool stuff. I especially like the owls. When my wife and I were courting (in Mt Pleasant, MI) we would frequent antique stores and she would say, 'what's with all the owls?" so I have purchased owls for her since. A few of them are keepers, the rest just kitch.

  2. Thanks Jeff! :-) I love it all...the classy to the kitschy. Haha! Thanks so much for reading!


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