Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Dog Days of Garage Sales



The dog days of summer draw to an end; never mind a "woof!"-- I'm thinking more about a tortured howl, echoing down the streets and cul-de-sacs for miles around, dripping with the melancholy torment of someone who didn't hit anywhere NEAR the amount of yard sales she wanted to this year!

Oh, well. If I'd had my druthers, I would have pulled over at every single sale I saw on the side of the road this season (and in my head, I did!) but time simply didn't allow for it.

I did, however, make it to a few last weekend, and these are some of the simple treasures I found along the way for a mere $5. (Not pictured are three rings: one huge and fun rhinestone piece, and two other unusual costume rings). What can I say? I'm a sucker for vintage jewelry at .25 each and iconic religious art of all kinds. Usually I give it away to friends who collect, but this fabric oil painting was just weird enough to keep (it was bedazzled, OK?)! And...triangle earrings.


I decided to erect the art in my living room with a little shrine, surrounded by potted mint, succulents, and other oddities.


Enjoy these final dog days of summer, friends. 
Screw it, pull over and dig.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pretty Pale Pink: Street Fashion in Grand Rapids


Street Fashion In Grand Rapids

Meet Katie! She was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but recently relocated to San Fransisco, California. I met Katie while volunteering for an amazing summer camp for girls in Grand Rapids called "Girls Rock Grand Rapids". Each year, this camp hosts a slew of spunky, creative young girls who are budding musicians and not only provides a safe space and instruments for them to create music with, but also helps the process along with inspirational and caring coaches and camp counselors! Within the camp roster, girls not only form bands but by the end of the week, they enjoy recording their original compositions and even performing them on stage! Just like last year, I taught a songwriting, singing and guitar workshop for the girls and then hung around to take photos and soak up all of the positive energy.

Katie complimented me on a pair of saddle shoes that I had recently thrifted at Seconds on Third and we got to talking about her outfit, which was also entirely thrifted, gifted, and hand made (her jewelry was both secondhand and handmade by a friend). Her favorite place to thrift is Salvation Army, or any other cheap mission thrift (my kinda gal!). I loved her shell pink hair and relaxed summer outfit. Check out the fashion highlights below!

IMG_9310 IMG_9320 IMG_9315 IMG_9322 IMG_9307

What We Can Learn From Katie:

--Stripes are always in. Always.

--Mix Pink and Red

--Add pops of unexpected color, like the seafoam green plugs in Katie's ear that contrast the pretty pink hair!

--Mix 'n' Match chunky silver rings or stack them 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Special Delivery: Playing catch up!


I've been a little irritated lately with the terribly sporadic delivery of Feedburner's email subscription for Thrift Trick! Getting blog posts delivered to your inbox is so darn convenient and wonderful...when it WORKS. If you've missed the last few entries I've posted, it could be because delivery has somehow been compromised. I've tweaked a few things and hope that it has fixed the problem, but unfortunately, this seems to be a recurring theme for me lately while using Feedburner's service. Do you have any advice to offer? Please leave a comment below!

PLAYING CATCH  UP: Here's what you may have missed!

With Product 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes: Makeup Review

With Product

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
Makeup Review

Love it. I love this product! But let's go back in time for a second...

A few weeks ago, an independent Younique consultant contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber lashes. Of course, one of the main themes of my blog is being thrifty and buying secondhand or vintage. Naturally, I never buy used makeup! But I AM always looking for a deal. Rarely am I willing to shuck out the extra bucks unless I feel a product is WORTH it. When it comes to cosmetics, there are things I will and I won't pay extra for. 

This product IS worth it!

At $29 dollars, it won't break the bank, but definitely exceeds the price of drugstore mascara. And it won't replace your regular mascara, as it is meant to be added on to an existing product. However, the results are totally dramatic and instant, and I fell in love with the first use! Read about my experience, application tips, and how to order below! Look for another Younique product review coming soon from Thrift Trick. =)


Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes arrived in a snazzy little case, complete with a set of instructions. The internet is exploding with tips and tutorial videos, like this one from Younique, so it isn't hard to find information on how to enhance your experience with the product.



Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers picture courtesy of Younique

Here's how I did it: I applied all of my makeup, as normal. Here's what my eyes look like with NO mascara.

No mascara

I applied my normal brand of mascara. My absolute favorite (and what I used here) is L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black. I made sure to apply carefully so that my lashes were as seperated as possible ahead of time. One coat, and I wiggled my application brush back and forth as I applied upwards to ensure good coverage. I let it dry--thoroughly!

regular mascara

I used the Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers on one eye at a time, ONLY to my upper lashes. My personal preference was that it looked like a little too much when I applied to top and bottom lashes, and though I didn't experience much flaking or any eye irritation, I DID notice that applying the fibers to my bottom lashes increased this problem and looked less natural. When I applied the gel, I made sure the application was quick and not too thick. Afterwards, I carefully applied the Natural Fibers using brisk, upward movements to create length that didn't clump or gather too much in between individual lashes.


I used a cotton swab, rather than an eyelash comb, to remove the extra fibers. I found this to be more effective and less damaging to the fibers than an eyelash comb, though some people prefer to comb lashes afterward. I found that combing through reduced some of the dramatic look that I actually liked, but using a cotton swab instead removed excess fly-a-way fibers very well. I also used a cotton swab, slightly dampened, along the inner rim of my upper and lower lashes to ensure no fibers were trapped. (Expect a few fibers to fall while you apply this product). Throughout the day, I did not experience an excess of falling fibers, though there were a few. Nothing that would prevent me from using the product, and nothing that fell into my eyes or irritated them.

Just eyes


eyes mobile

A few mobile shots of my awesome results! 


-- If you are looking for a dramatic yet natural lash with little less clumping, apply this product to only your upper lashes, as I did.

--Apply to only one eye at a time, so that you have proper time to carefully (and quickly) apply the Natural Fibers. 

--Use a cotton swab, rather than an eyelash comb, to remove excess fibers and clumping. (I found the comb downplayed my results a bit).

--Make sure your initial application of mascara is as seperated and dry as possible before beginning applicaton.

Interested in buying this product? 

Order it here, through Younique representative Mindelei Wuori.

Also check out Younique's other products here, 
through my referral link: Younique

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

LIVING NAUTICAL: iPhone outfit post

iPhone Outfit Post

I'm addicted to nautical (year round, really) but I've kind of been LIVING it this summer. I live on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, Michigan, so it's pretty fitting. However, there were so many summer and spring trends I wanted to try--from Aztec to kimonos. No matter what is going on around me, I'm inherently attracted to the feeling of nautical ensembles in the summer. I do love classic--white, navy, crisp red. Camel or nude shoes. Gold jewelry. That's my basic recipe!

This entire outfit (Merona navy/white chevron inspired striped dress and Pendeleton red cotton blazer, as well as white and brown leather Guess handbag) was thrifted, with exception of the nude pumps.

I've also seen nautical done nicely with black and hot pink in the mix, or even lemon yellow. What's your favorite? Check out the montage below for a few inspiring ideas to try out before summer ends!

Click the image to go directly to the source pin on Pinterest!

Nautical style - Anchor top with pops of red and yellow

Love! But I think it would look better with a solid white shirt

nautical love - Blue blazer with gold buttons, blue & white stripe shirt, white pants. When it's done's perfection. - #nautical  Shiny? [check] Navy Blue? [check] Stars? [check] Awesome #Nautical inspired #Bangle  - YEP! #fashion

Anchor nautical style with the flat Tory Burch Griffith Bootie.

| P | Summer Ease - Classic White with a navy striped scarf

Our pink beaded statement necklace via Happily Grey

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LIFE EVENT: I said yes.

My new life-altering peice of jewelry...

LIFE EVENT: I said yes.

It's hard to believe it. For many years, I said I didn't even respect the convention of marriage. I never really talked about my personal relationships in my blog, and I always felt it was better that way. Sometimes, life changes can be hard, and maintaining a level of privacy is always important. I think there was always a part of me that was running from it...scared to truly depend on someone, and let it go.

That began to change a year and a half ago, when I started dating my best friend (and I mean, literally, my best friend of 20 years!). He was everything that I ever wanted in a partner, and more. He was dependable, loyal, feminist, creative, intelligent, caring, musical, doting, gentle, and wonderful with my son. He was supportive, interested in my life and...he even liked thrift store shopping.

This last weekend, we took a romantic weekend to northern Michigan, and, while we sat in the sun on Bellaire lake, drinking Peach Spumante from Lemon Creek Winery with our toes in the sand, he fumbled around in the pockets of his shorts for the ring he had been hiding there (shown above!), and asked me to marry him. It was his first proposal, as well as mine.

I said yes. <3

I'm not kidding when I say that the shouts of joy, comments, high fives and cheers have literally surrounded us for days in a warm cloud of happy approval--from family to long time friends. And, it only took about one day after our "Facebook Official" status for the requests to come in to my inbox about blogging the wedding. As if I wasn't planning on it, right?

So here's to inhibitions and privacy out the window. Come along with me in this journey to create a beautiful wedding on a shoestring budget, with as many recycled, vintage or thrifted materials as possible! Share in my joy!

Believe it or not, the date has already been set--September 26th of 2015. Until then, I will be featuring regular updates on how things are going with my wedding planning--from the venue, to thrifting DIYs and Pinterest boards, makeup, hair, and positive body image along the way (who doesn't need an extra dose of self love before their big day?) and I hope you will follow along with me!

Look for the "My Wedding" navigation button at the top of the blog so that you can get all of my wedding related posts in one click! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spicy Pepper Chia Seed Jam: #Channyskitchen

IMG_8189 copy

I was SO excited to try cooking with chia seeds (mostly for their amazing Omega 3 and fatty acid benefits, but also because I love to cook!), even though they were pricey. (The organic chia seeds I bought at my local health food store were about 12 dollars for a somewhat small bag!) I have heard about buying them in bulk for cheaper prices, but I wanted to get the hang of cooking with them before I committed to a large quantity.

I started with soaked chia seed pudding a few days ago--just a simple coconut milk/lemon zest chia pudding sweetened with stevia. That was pretty good! I knew, however, that my real interest was in making "jam" type concoctions. I made some strawberry chia preserves (and they were super yummy!) but it wasn't long before my mind started going down a savory a road less traveled. 

I present to you, my:


Delicious with meats, on buttered bread, or as a condiment to 
sandwiches, crackers, etc!

Should last in refrigerator for approximately 2 weeks.





You'll need:

--7-8 mini colorful peppers (or 2 large colored peppers)
--1/4 cup chopped onion
--Sea salt and pepper (optional)
--Olive oil for sauteeing
--Dash of honey
--Healthy TBSP of Sriracha (more if you like it hotter! You can also substitute hot peppers with your mild pepper mix, but I wanted a nice, controlled heat).
--1/4 cup dried chia seeds
--1/2 cup water

--Food processor, sauce pan, small to medium jar to hold jam while it cools.


First, I de-seeded and diced my mini-peppers, along with the onion. I tossed them into my sauce pan with some sea salt on medium heat, and began to caramelize them for added flavor.

IMG_8098          IMG_8100

After they had become slightly browned, I added about 1/4 cup of water (additional water for simmering/cooking out and not listed in ingredients above). I let the peppers and onion simmer until they were soft, and the flavors had really been released. Most of the water cooked out, but I left what was there for blending in the next step.

IMG_8102         IMG_8104

I blended my pepper/onion mix on high, until quite smooth, with my food processor. It didn't yeild much--maybe about 1/2 cup of pureed peppers and onion. I spooned that, still warm, into my small jelly jar.

Rather than soak my chia seeds in flavorless water, I used the 1/2 cup of water in the ingredient list to rinse the mixing basin of the food processor. I then dumped that watery pepper solution in to a small dish and soaked my chia seeds in it, for added flavor. After about five minutes, I spooned the somewhat gelled chia seeds and excess liquid into the jelly jar with the pepper puree, stirring for smooth consistency. Then, I added a healthy tablespoon or two of Sriracha for some nice heat! 

The consistency of the jelly is very much like a more textured mustard--chia seeds are soft, and don't present much flavor or texture, really. But they thicken the mixture nicely and add so much in the way of nutrition. I absolutely love the flavor of this jam, and even though I put the rest in the refrigerator to cool, I couldn't resist slathering some on a peice of 7 grain oval bread with some real butter to test it out.




Monday, July 21, 2014

All The Pretty Colors: Street Fashion in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Street Fashion in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Meet Briana! I ran in to Briana at a heavy/sludge/punk show in Grand Rapids, Michigan (I was there to enjoy the music and take pictures--see some of my photography from that night here!). I noticed her sitting on a bench, waiting for the show to start, and loved her colorful ensemble and brown eyes. Naturally, I had to inquire whether or not she liked to thrift. To my delight, she told me that everything she was wearing was second-hand, and the rest is history!

Today in street fashion, what you can learn from Briana!

Take risks
Try floor length dresses with boots 
(combat, granny, high heeled, cowboy)
Combine mustard yellow with floral print (it works!) as Briana did with the scarf in her hair
Add structure with a belt
Be natural and beautiful



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thirteen Dollars at Seconds on Third: A Thrift Store Review


A thrift store review

I had such a lovely fourth of July up north in the Black Lake/Rogers City/Onaway area. (Check out a photo album of shots I posted from over the weekend at my photography page here!). One of the highlights of my weekend was stopping in to Seconds on Third (what a cute name, right?), a local Roger's City thrift store and non-profit on Third street whose proceeds go to the most excellent cause: Shelter Inc. in Alpena. What does Shelter Inc. do? They provide counseling, shelter and rehab services of all kinds for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. They use the money from their thrift stores to fund everything from one on one therapy to operating their safe house for clients.

I had a chance to chat with store manager Renee Roeske, and I was interested in what type of demographic they served. Were many of the the clients female? "The shelter has only females living there," Renee said. "But they've helped males in the past, too--it's open to everyone. They've put male victims up in hotel rooms."  

The program is amazing full spectrum care for people of all sexes and ages. The thrift store's themselves double as locations for on site counseling, which is busy at some locations and a little more quiet at others. "We haven't had many individuals lately at the Roger's City store", Renee mentioned. "That's a good thing!"


IT WAS AWESOME! FIVE STARS! Definitely stop by if you are in the Rogers City/Onaway area...I highly recommend it!

The first thing I noticed about the thrift store upon arrival was that it was clean, bright, and well organized. Though it was a small space, there was a really great collection of fun household items, jewelry, coats, women and men's apparell, furniture, shoes and other odds and ends.

EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WAS HALF OFF! That was music to my ears. I couldn't believe what I walked out of the store with for only thirteen collective dollars. See my treasusres below!



This cute floral chair was $2.50 cents the day that I arrived. I would have brought it home had I the vehicle to do so!



There were lots of clean, well sorted kid's clothes. 
Those plaid shorts were 25 cents (half off!)!


This super cute (and spotless) Calvin Klein trench was marked 6, so it would have been $3. Too bad it was a little big on me. The lady next to me mentioned that it would be worth buying to sell on Ebay, which I agree with! However, I'm into good thrift karma, so when something doesn't fit me...I leave it for the next lucky customer.




An adorable and perfectly fitting jean jacket, a cute pair of strappy bronze heels in perfect condition, a BRAND NEW pair of tan and brown suede Bass saddle shoes (that I was so excited about), three cute necklaces (including a fun gold and tiger eye bolo style strand) and a bronze studded strap bracelet.

OH! And a genuine leather tasseled shoulder bag, a genuine leather vest, and a genuine leather skirt that all fits me perfectly (Don't worry--I'm not wearing all the pieces together, haha!). Say what? Yeah. That's the kind of deal I'm talking about. Hands down the easiest thirteen dollars I've spent in a while!



P.O. Box 797
Alpena, MI 49707
Tel: (989) 356-2560
24-Hour Toll-free Crisis Line – 
(800) 396-9129

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