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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mindful Grrl


I've been working...a lot. Behind the scenes!

Some of my readers may not know that I am also a full time student at the moment; having funneled my language arts degree in to a new endeavor (a B.A. in public relations), I have very little free time! In fact, I've been hitting the books hard (4.0 student, thankyouverymuch) and I've also been working full time as a PR practitioner for a non-profit school (where I have been the last 14 years), as well as being a mommy, and planning a wedding! Phew!

Therefore, re-branding seemed like something that was beyond my reach for quite some time. I thought for so many hours about what I wanted to say, who I really am, and how I was going to make the difficult transition.

Without further ado (yet with much to do in the future), I present to you my new blog name:

Mindful Grrl.


Thrift Trick has been an amazing outlet for me. And it communicates so much of what I still hold steadfast regarding a life that embraces conservation, living within means, and enjoying the things around us that still have so much life. Yet, as many readers have likely noticed, one of my main focuses isn't just being conscious in your spending habits, it is being conscious and confident in your daily life. From what you think, to how you shop, to what you put in to your mouth.

Why is being conscious and confident so important to me? Because it didn't always come easily for me, and it still doesn't.

Part of the idea of consciousness is mindfulness; you must seek to be aware at all times, or things can easily slip away. Every day of my life I feel temptations--from blowing my money on things I don't need, to mindlessly snacking, to shaming or devaluing my own body.  Staying intentional, daily, is something that takes effort and can prove to be challenging, and I want my blog to not only share with you my personal journey in maintaining those efforts, but also, inspire you to take charge yourself (because even if you have already, you still need a cheerleader!).

If you have known me personally for any length of time, than you probably are aware of my support and interest in women's issues, and feminism. A teen of the 90's, I spent many hours in my room listening to riot girl bands and standing up for feminine equality (and racial equality). My egalitarian viewpoints these days are shaped by intersectional feminism, cultural awareness and a readiness to react to the world around me, both politically and culturally. The "grrl" in my new blog name reflects that attitude and is a nod to thinking outside the box as a woman...and a grrl. This is SO important when we begin to have truthful and illuminating conversations about positive body image!

Regarding the blog's actual transformation, please be patient with me as the changes come! I thought for sure I would be done with my renovation by early April, but speaking engagements, radio appearances (more on that soon!) and design work has taken much longer than expected.

For now, know that you will soon notice social network changes, and the new website and blog will be coming soon as well. I hope you will come along with me in this new journey that will bring you more of what you have enjoyed at Thrift Trick, as well as new and more meaningful conversations.



P.S. I'm not giving up my outfit posts! Or my thrifting adventures! =)

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