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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dark Floral for Spring: Thrifted Outfit


Thrifted Outfit

Spring has finally arrived in West Michigan. Life has been crazy here; beyond the ever-warming temperatures and budding trees, planning for a wedding, full-time work and full-time college(plus preparation for upcoming speaking engagements and appearances) has definitely hindered my blogging frequency. 

If you've been following Thrift Trick, you know that I've also been preparing for my re-branding (behind schedule, of course)! No matter the chaos, I'm still predictable in my fashion patterns: I always get down with the dark floral in spring. (See this old post, and this one!)

This outfit is 100% thrifted. I feel good about that because I know that, by buying secondhand, I am reducing waste, and also helping to pad funds for wonderful causes such as the rescue mission in Holland!

Dress: Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift, Grand Haven
Jean Jacket: Hope's Outlet, Grand Haven
Purse: Dibs on Resale, Muskegon
Boots: Goodwill, Grand Haven

 IMG_9854      IMG_9835






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