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Friday, March 16, 2012

Black Floral Birthday

Vintage Dark Floral!

I found this pretty vintage blouse at the thrift store the day before yesterday for $1.50 and decided to put together an outfit with it for my birthday today! In the A.M., I paired the blouse with black slacks, red heels and a black blazer. For the P.M. and out to dinner, I matched it up with a black pleated polyster skirt, the same heels, a yellow clutch and a side bun with vintage sunglasses. (Also, the lovely little vintage coral clip ons I thrifted here, a while back.)

100% Thrifted--everything!

Well, I lied. The bright green cocktail ring is a NEW, cheap, fun piece of costume jewelry...but it was only 1.50...had to add something funky to "throw off the scent"...


  1. I love the little button on the collar. What was the brand of the shirt?

  2. Hi Amy! :) The brand is called "Pykette's Petites". I found a bunch of vintage floral Pykette listings on Ebay, here! :)


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