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Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Glitter flats!

glitter! glitter! glitter!

I was reading Real Simple March 2012 and I came across this page of adorable glittered shoes. I love glitter everything, and shoes are no exception.

I'd come across many, many glitter tutorials in the past, so I thought why not give flats a try? I'm not going to do a full tutorial here because there are so many great ones out there (I'll link a few) but I will tell you about my experience and SUGGEST that you go out to a thrift store and pick up a thrifted pair of shoes to try this out on! It's a great way to recycle and that way you won't stress if it doesn't turn out perfectly...

i could roll in this glitter! teehee!

I started with an old pair of flats. Of course, I removed the jewels from them to use on another pair! Then I coated the shoes using a paintbrush with craft tacky glue (there are many different brands, a lot of people prefer "Modge Podge".) I sprinkled multi-colored regular chunk glitter all over, then dipped my brush back into the craft glue and "pressed it" into the shoe carefully, sort of "packing it in". After it was tacky, I looked for thin spots to put a second coat over. I've also read tutorials that say to mix the glue with the glitter, but I find that very hard to spread and a bigger pain in the butt. Naturally, you'll want to put some newspaper down or do this in a sequestered area. Honestly, I didn't make much of a mess. Don't worry...

the craft glue dries clear!

so cute and oddly enough, the glue and glitter are flexible--no flaking!

...and I have plans to "glitterfy" other things, because it was so fun. You should try it!



Here is a tutorial from Polka Dot Bride using a fine glitter (I prefer the chunk myself!):

Glittered Sneakers from Martha Stewart (Now I want to do a pair of my Chuck high tops!!!):

Another glitter flats story (I chose this one because the author made me laugh when she said that "...anyone expecting her to create a perfect layer of Modge Podge can go punch themselves in the face"....hahah! :


  1. This is very cute!!! Love the gold heels... Ang

  2. Thanks so much Ang! :) Next time I will probably try a fine glitter or possibly spray for the high heel...I think I would have preferred that over the chunk! :) Can't wait to step out in the flats...hoping to post an outfit with them this week!


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