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Monday, October 6, 2014

COUNTDOWN to the Lumber Baron's Ball: What to Wear

COUNTDOWN to the Lumber Baron's Ball: 
What to Wear!

It's almost here! The Lakeshore Museum Center Lumber Baron's Ball at Watermark 920!(Check out my other announcement and hair post here). I must admit--I'm not certain what I'm wearing yet! I think that this era is easy to nail if you are dressing as a man--check out the great resource (shown below) I found on Pinterest with 1920's men's fashion. You can also view my entire Pinterest board (1920's Life) here!

1920s Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide


SO. What if you are a woman and you don't have the luxury of finding a fantastic vintage dress from the 1920's in time for the ball? Read on...

DRESSES Well, they weren't made to hug curves. That is the only sad aspect of 1920's style for those of us who like to highlight our curves! Fortunately, showing a little leg or arms, or even cleavage, was more acceptable. The dresses of the 1920's were designed to hang a bit on the torso, so the idea is a low waistline. However, they were "glitzed" up with feathers, sequins, bows, pins and all kinds of adornment, so if you find yourself in a pinch, you can always try:

  •  "Bedazzling" a dress that is already in your closet with the right basic shape! 

  • Layering a long shirt over a seperate skirt with a low belt--drapey necklaces or fancy brooches can help the items flow together!

    SHOES Get a feeling for the classic "T-strap" show with the picture on the left, or visit this awesome gallery from Vintage Dancer to see what other types of styles were popular in the 1920's! Remember, overall, that platforms and tall, spikey heels were not popular. I personally think this would be the easiest element of your outfit to thrift! 
The Oxford look and heels with buttons, straps and low chunky heels were popular.

Looking for accessory inspiration? 

We've already covered hair and hats in my hair inspiration post--so it's time to get started.

What are you wearing to the ball?

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