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Friday, April 26, 2013

LL Bean Shirt Dress


Do you “do” brown and blue?
I love it.
I've adored this navy and white striped dress for years. Of course, it was a thrifted find. While I can’t remember exactly where I bought it, the combinations of outfits that I've created using it as the base are countless! I know that I only paid three dollars for it, and with its stretchy nature, it fit me at a heavier weight and continues to be fairly flattering even though I’m smaller now! It’s definitely something I’ll gladly alter with my sewing machine if I drop more clothing sizes in the future.

The tan bomber jacket is a vintage London Fog that I bought at Hope’s Outlet for $3.99—it’s one of my new favorite pieces of clothing! The boots and scarves aren't thrifted items; they were online purchases. I've linked the boots here before. The scarf (pashmina) was an Overstock purchase years ago! Bag was also thrifted at Hope's Outlet in Grand Haven.

Hat was thrifted of course, and sunglasses are a cheap pair from Dollar Tree. OH—how I love my cheap sunglasses!

This was an office appropriate outfit but it also worked pretty well on a sunset bike ride I took last night. SPRING IS HERE! I rode to the beach in lovely Grand Haven listening to Frank Sinatra, and I'm sharing a song with you today.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!



Earlier in the day, I paired the outfit with a brown Fedora.


The boyfriend says I shouldn't be afraid of my (bodacious--as in...big) rear. So...I'm trying. :D





  1. No one can put together an outfit like you, my friend!!! You are so talented.

  2. I love brown and blue together. Especially cognac brown. Cute!


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