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Friday, April 5, 2013

Take Me Away...To Tennessee


TAKE ME AWAY...To Tennessee

It seems like life lately has been a mile long freight train for me...traveling at a bullet train speed. In fact, I've barely blogged all month because of all the life changes, good stress and events that have been stacking up one after another for months prior!

This last year has brought much personal change into my world, and some of it has been painful. Yet, the sting of transformation has blossomed into beauty and growth--much like the spring we are {FINALLY!} enjoying.

For that reason, the yearly family vacation that my mother, sister and son take together was especially welcome. Our respite this year was to Tennessee--first Chattanooga, then Gatlinburg! More specifically, the outskirts of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. The adorable cabin we stayed in from Hearthside Cabin Rentals was called "Take Me Away". Tour it here! 

I have so many wonderful pictures from our trip, I couldn't even begin to share them all here. I did document some of my thrifting adventures, and I hope to blog those very soon--along with (pathetically) an outfit post from St. Patrick's day almost a FULL month ago, and a weekend trip I took to Holland with my boyfriend for my birthday!

It's back to the grind on Monday...and looking forward to lots of fun fashion events this month! Look for more updates in my next blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!

OUTFIT DETAILS: I can't get enough triangles lately--which explains this kitschy and somewhat threadbare sweater. It was a thrifted find for $1.49 at Hope's Outlet, as was the skirt. Boots are new--Jackie Cognac by ComfortView. Diamond shaped dangly earrings were a clearanced item at--gasp--Walmart. Haha! Ring was a gift from my bestie and my nails are applique with a layer of silver chunk glitter for fun. Both nail items were $1 at Dollar Tree.





IMG_5762 IMG_5797






  1. soooooo cute! clue me in on these fashion events faster i want to help/go with ya or do something :D wanna make sure i am staying up to date :D :D :D xoRach

  2. Thank you Rachel! :) I will be speaking with you soon! Just got back yesterday and I'm finally back into the groove...slowly. HAHA! :D

  3. Excuse me! That cabin looks awesome! Jason and I need to come down to Tennessee. ::sigh::

  4. Tanya--it was absolutely gorgeous!! :D You two SHOULD! :)


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