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Monday, August 5, 2013

Gold, Green and Black Caviar Mani



I'm certainly no nail art master, and often times, my nail painting is lazy at best--defined by a few messy coats with not enough drying time in between! I often peruse the internet though, coveting fancy and flawlessly painted nails at some of my favorite DIY sites, including "Fuck Yeah Nail Art" ('scuse the language, m'aam), Katrina's Nail Blog, Miss LadyFinger and also "Nailed It".

IF you are misled by the idea that you can't have pretty nails because you can't afford expensive polish, than by all means, allow me to dispel that myth with one of my very few-and-far-between nail art features!

The reason why I am posting this is to show what can be done with inexpensive items! 

What I used on my nails:  

-Base coat of black Sally Girl mini nail polish (under one dollar).

-"Globs" (technical terms only, here, please) of both Nail Pops in mint green and Nutra Nail in gold. Purchased on clearance, collectively, for $3.

-Wet n' Wild Clear Coat, purchased for one dollar.

-Donna Michelle caviar Nail art "mini bottles"--for one dollar at Dollar Tree, I purchased one pack, which contained about eight mini pots of micro steel balls in different colors, and gold was amongst them! 


Basically, I just put one coat of black on my nails (I even did my toes to match!), allowed it to dry, and then sort of "globbed" on both the gold and mint green. Before those layers were totally dry, I took my clear brush, dipped it into a pile of the caviar beads, and "pressed" them into little clumps in the middle of my nails. Once that top layer was dry, I followed up with a layer of clear to finish.






What I like about this mani: It's very forgiving, which is good for people who are extremely "un-precise", as I am. Also, if you are not the best at waiting for the layers to dry, smudge marks are hidden amongst the globs and beads quite well. Not that--ahem--I would know anything about that.

Go ahead, get your fancy mani on, for around six dollars!


  1. Love how mod and fancy the nails are :)

  2. Thanks much, Van! It's holding up pretty well, too! :)


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