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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting back to my roots: Adventures in Styling!

This picture is about two days after my last appointment!

GETTING BACK TO MY ROOTS: Adventures in styling!
I will admit it; I'm not one to change my hair drastically. The most dramatic cut I've ever received was merely "medium" length long hair with layers; the most dramatic color was probably hot pink as a teenager and dark brown in my early twenties (which I deeply regretted as I attempted to get back to my natural color).

Being a pale and natural blonde with very "cool" coloring, my hair is extremely ashy.  Therefore, any sort of golden or yellow tones in my hair isn't good for me at makes my complexion ruddy and in general, just looks terrible on me! Often times, lowlights will wash out and my hair will retain the red dye, which really contributes to brassiness. Even using Clairol Shimmer Lights (bluing shampoo), and products similar to it, can't always keep the golden out of my hair if I'm treating it with color.

I've learned my lesson on the overall dye, but in years past I've still been a big fan of highlights and lowlights.  For the most part, though I've switched stylists a few times, I've had pretty good experiences...until....the terrible color fiasco I had last year.

I had returned to a stylist who had previously colored my hair without too many issues, but it was a very bad experience. Though I realize that mistakes happen (and I was very polite during the incident) I was left with botched and bleeding streaks, brassy color, and honestly, almost completely rust colored bangs! Needless to say, I was petrified. I washed my hair and toned it repeatedly to try and remedy the issue, but it was still "yellow"--and I knew I needed to connect with a stylist who would consistently give me natural looking results without damaging my hair, and help me return to my true, ashen blonde state.

That's where my stylist Michelle comes in! She was actually did a great job with my hair many years ago, before she moved to California for a while. I'm so glad to say that we've reconnected now that she returned to Michigan, and you can find Michelle these days at Pier 232 Salon and Day Spa in Grand Haven! She is a color instructor for L'Oreal professional, and she was very careful to color and condition my hair with ammonia free products and toners, helping me to return to a more natural state. This last session, she cut and lightened my hair with some nice bright highlights, and also toned with blue to combat those brassy tones that always try and sneak in.

I'm feeling brave these days with Michelle, so more dramatic color may be on the way for me as the months progress (I feel much safer trying this with her, haha!). I can honestly say that my post isn't compensated in any way--I just wanted to share Michelle's skill with my blog readers and recommend her especially to those who have found their hair damaged by a not-so-hot or repeated coloring. I often get messages, questions or comments about my hair (thank you thank you!) so here's the scoop!

P.S.--Pier 232 doesn't skimp on style, but it's a thrifty option, as well! =)


Michelle is an experienced stylist (who happens to be adorable) with expertise in hair health, color and cut/style. She uses ammonia free products and took great care to correct the color issues my hair was having without damage. She's also flexible, easy to talk to, and spoils you--check out this picture of me sipping a glass of wine at my last appointment! ;)

You can find her at Pier 232  in Grand Haven, Michigan! 

Call (616) 844-4000 to set up an appointment!

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