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Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Berry: A fabulous (gifted) Vintage Coat


Winter Berry: A fabulous (gifted) Vintage Coat

My friend Jaleen messaged me some time ago to ask if I'd like to have a vintage coat that she had been given. She thought it would suit me. Snapping a cell phone pic, she sent me an image of the red dress coat.
     LOVE. At first sight.
     I adored the cut, and the military style details on the front. Interesting beading on the buttons, loop fastening and plenty of additional snaps were a plus, as well, but the REAL cherry on top was the absolutely perfect way that it fit, and how incredibly comfortable it is.
     It is a fitting wardrobe piece for Christmas, and very appropriate for the chilly (yet balmy and unseasonably warm) weather we are having here in Michigan for December.
     Still, though it fits as though it is made for me, perhaps one of my favorite things about the coat is that it comes from Houseman's of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the name carries a rich history that was a large part of Grand Rapids and its economic growth--from law firms to tailors. It all began with one man--Julious Houseman--and his immigration from Germany.
     THESE amazing sort of truths behind vintage clothing are precisely what draws me in. I can literally feel the remnants of energy from the past in every fiber of what I'm wearing, and when I find something like this red dress coat that fits me so wonderfully, I have to wonder if it belonged to me in a past life.

Reunited and it feels so good!

What do you wear that connects you to the past? Have you ever felt a strong draw to an item or a piece of clothing simply because of its history?





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