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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hat Hair: It's a good thing!


HAT HAIR: It's a good thing!

I really ADORE hats of all kinds. And winter hats (knit, fur, etc) are all great options, even OFF season, if you ask me. Instead of worrying how your hair will look once you REMOVE your winter hat, why not plan your hairstyle around it? I wanted to share some inspirational images of "hat hair" today in my blog and also share one of my fun little signatures: the singular pin curl! I love wearing this off to the side, particularly with hats. How's about throwing a little extra "snazz" on it?

Here are my super simple steps to the hairstyle shown above!


Supplies? Well, my very worn Helen of Troy curling iron (moderately priced pro iron that STILL heats up in 60 seconds to friggin' outrageously hot and keeps my curls ALL day iron I've ever had for the price), cheap hairspray, bobby pins and of course, a knit hat! Also not pictured, an elastic hair tie.


I started with clean dry hair and tied the back section of my hair up into a wound bun secured with an elastic. 
I pulled some random sections of hair up to be curled and worn out of the hat! I like to leave the sides a little I don't end up looking like an Orthodox Jewish man. Unless, of course, that is your goal! Which there is nothing wrong with. Especially if you are an Orthodox Jew! Let's move on.


WHOAH, octopus curls!

I barrel wrap my curls. Check out this tutorial on how!

When doing "peicey" hairstyles like this, I try to include as much hair in the wrap as possible, so all pieces left lose are curled in 2-3 batches rather than individually. This way they fall nicely together and don't look too individual, which I don't care for . I like the look of maybe 2-3 seperated strands.

The final step was to separate a small strand of curl from the side part to be wound into a little pincurl! I pinned this curl off to the side with my part (on one side only) with bobbypins, pinning underneath so as to hide the pins themselves).

And that was it!


When I take my hair OUT of this hairstyle, because I've had the remaining uncurled portion wound into a bun all day, it will fall into nice loose waves altogether. Good stuff!

I've collected some images from google search results for "women's hairstyles in winter hats" below that I found inspiring. Give it a shot! (Working your hat hair into your outfit!)

This might come in handy particularly well if you are planning on attending the AWESOME Party in Your Parka event on January 26th in Muskegon, a mega monster of activities including outdoor sports at the North Muskegon winter sports complex, live bands, vendor tents, and three great locations for entertaining (Winter sports complex, Watermark 920 and the Lake House). PLUS you'll want to party down in honor of Michigan's 176th birthday in style and ride safely on the party shuttle! Best of all, admission is FREE!  I'll be there hosting a best dressed contest live on my Pinterest (follow me here) you'll want to make sure you dress up with your snazziest outfit and great hat hair!

Check out my Party In Your Parka winter style board for ideas here!


Here are some inspiring pictures for more ideas on winter hats and hairstyles...


    Deniso-1162 Women's Winter Knit Hat With Lapin Hair(Multi-Color Available)



  1. well werent you right about the grey hats!!!! awesome :D

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