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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Regeneration New & Used Clothing in Detroit, MI



5 out of 5 Thrift Chicks

I really enjoyed visiting this thrift resale shop on last New Year's eve! Shown above is my "score" from the trip (and trust me, I used restraint in NOT returning home with more)...a vintage double strand twisted beaded necklace in bronzy gold. Shown below--one of the many ways I've worn it over the last week! (I love it so.)

Read on below for my review of this Detroit based clothing/apparel store! (P.S., the hat and dress shown below were both thrifted items for less than $2 each!)





First impressions of Regeneration was that it was clean, well organized, and very well stocked!



They had a great selection of vintage and thrifted designer bags. I REALLY wanted to take this Dooney and Bourke home with me....and looking at it now, I regret leaving it behind! However, it was marked $15 and I just get a bigger thrill out of finding them on my own for cheaper.




Great selection of used and vintage jewelry!


IMG_3737 IMG_3735


I REALLY wanted to take this Betsy Johnson bag home. 


Couldn't help but love this sweater!

Overall, I'd say Regenerations has a nicely selected and wide array of apparel; lots of vintage, designer and funky. They also boast a large collection of jewelry and hats, and a great selection of shoes and coats! Things are well organized and the environment is fun and nicely decorated.

My only gripe was that some of the prices seemed slightly inflated; but honestly, for as much "good stuff" as there was packed in to one small store, I'd say convenience and high levels of great stock PLUS nice dressing rooms make this thrift store a 5/5 for me.  Even if it is more about perusing and digging through racks than laying down cash!

This would be a great place to come looking for a specific item, or a new thrifted outfit in a pinch (when you don't have time to dig for cheaper prices).  On average I think you could buy a dress, shoes and jewelry for around a total of $25-30, which isn't bad when you consider they are unique and/or vintage items.

If you're ever in D-town, check it out! Contact details below! 

Regeneration, New & Used Clothing

126 E. 14 Mile Road 
Clawson, Michigan 48017 
Phone: 248-589-0500


  1. WANT THAT SWEATER and also love the hat you picked up!


  2. Thank you Rachel! :D Isn't that great? The sweater was a large for men..Polo. So friggin cute. I was tempted, seriously! Shoulders were awful big, though.

    The hat was actually a Hope's Outlet score last year! :D


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