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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

White jeans: how to wear?

White denim + white envelope clutch A fresh way to wear your white jeans post Labor Day.
How to Wear White Jeans 2011-06-16 13:35:51poncho & boots & boots &....white jeans and leopard. We have a few leopard clutches left!!

I’LL ADMIT IT; I’m scared to wear white.

Why? Well...there seem to be so many rules! Let's review:

1) (Debunked) NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY. We've all heard that this archaic fashion rule has been overturned, but is there anyone out there who just feels downright strange wearing all white or white jeans post-summer? I'll admit it--I really do! I see it being done and being done well, but that old stigma is still alive in me, and I suppose it will take time to exterminate.

2) Flesh colored underwear, not white, under white garments. Yes--this is a do. Make sure you've gotten the memo about flesh colored bras and underwear under white wear, particularly items that are thinner.

3) It adds weight to you. RIGHT? Well...this isn't necessarily a fair statement. It isn't always true, and if there's one thing we DON'T need, it's another reason to feel self-conscious about our bodies in this hypercritical day and age. Still..there are times when I can honestly admit that wearing white has made me feel like a gigantic powdered donut. I talked a little bit about it in this blog post: Taking My Chances With White.

Still, despite the "risks" involved (which include getting it DIRTY--ugh), there are so many fashionable outfits to be crafted, and aesthetic benefits, which include:

  • Looking fresh. There is nothing more crisp, airy and welcoming of spring and summer than a brilliant, white wardrobe.
  • It goes with everything. It really compliments with just about everything you pair it with. My favorite is white paired with nude, grey, blue and yellow. And stripes!
  • It reflects light and keeps you cool. THANK YOU, Mr. Wizard, for teaching me this invaluable lesson about the refraction of light and its heating and cooling powers in the 1990's.

LET'S GET TO THE POINT. I recently thrifted a pair of white jeans. In perfect condition! And every time I put them on and try to construct what I believe will be the "best white jean look ever!"...I'm sorely disappointed. And feel oddly out of place and chunky.

Can I overcome this fear? Well, I've challenged myself to do a white jean outfit post this coming weekend, so I certainly hope so! In the mean time, I've went crazy pinning white jean looks on my pinterest board, so make sure to head over for some:

 White Jean Inspiration! On the Thrift Trick Pinterest Board!

P.S, The images at the top of the blog post are all extracted from Pinterest images and are found, with their proper sources, on the Pinterest board linked above.

WISH ME LUCK! See you this weekend for a white jean outfit post!!!

TAKE THE POLL AT THE FACEBOOK PAGE: Are you afraid to wear white?

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