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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking My Chances With White


For girls with curves anyhow.
That’s right—I said it. White is risky.

But it is also so fresh, so crisp, so summery. And it was all the rage this spring, as well! A thrifted white shirt dress was (and still is!) on my thrifting wish list, but being that I haven’t found one yet, I scooped up this vintage white cotton blazer for $1.49 instead. It was low risk as far as white pieces go, and if you are a thicker gal wanting to wear white for the summer, I’d say it is a perfect fit!

I really like it over this purple print maxi…and even though I was worried about a white coat appearing a little “clinical”, I enjoyed rocking it out. I figured, why not add bright orange nails and gaudy gold accessories with teal? YES. Let’s do this!

The hubby cracked me up as I was headed out the door. “What tomb did you have to raid for that necklace?” He commented. It made me laugh out loud!

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