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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Dollars Well Spent: Favorite dollar store products.


If you're following along and have been for a while, you know...I'M CHEAP! And if you're new to the blog, or this is the first post you've ever read, then you must know this: I'M REALLY CHEAP! There are very few things I will spent a lot of money on, and often beauty products and jewelry AREN'T among those things.

That said, I don't begrudge anyone their favorite luxurious night cream or fancy mascara. Expensive perfume, creams and eye makeup ARE among those select things I will splurge a bit for on occasion. I buy medium priced foundation and eyeliner (Mary Kay, in fact--mineral powder foundation and black eyeliner) but most of the time, I really do go CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite dollar store brands and what was in my ten dollar shopping bag today! (All items were only one dollar, of course).

1. Dove Makeup Wipes: Soft, work well, smell good, end of story.

2.Goody Bobby Pins: WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GO? Nevermind, I'll just buy more.

3. ELF Fingernail Polish Wipes: Work pretty darn well. Oddly dry out of the container, but somehow makes the wipe last longer. Stinky at first, dries to a decent citrus smell with moisturizers for your nail.

4. ELF Bronzer: Love their shimmer bronzer and illuminating powder compacts. Good stuff! Doesn't bust apart, nice glow, smells good. Yes, I'm sure it is loaded with parabens. Get off my back, OK?

5. ELF Jet Black Liquid Liner Pen: I DARE you to find a better liquid liner pen for one dollar--or two, or five! Seriously, the design is great on this thing. It doesn't last forever (make sure that cap is on tight!) but it draws the cleanest line of any pen I've bought for under ten dollars, and that's the TROOF!

6.ELF Makeup brushes: I own an entire set, and they are going on three years old, through regular washes, and still going strong. One dollar a piece. I'd say they probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty brushes to choose from--from blush to powder, many different shadow brushes, eyebrow, smudge, blending and lip. I pretty much exclusively apply eye makeup with brushes and ELF is what I use.

7. Beaded Cuff: ( All jewelry listed is "Courtney G" brand): Fun purples and oranges and about 3.5 inches high. I LOVE independent dollar stores for this reason, they always have such fun funky jewelry for one dollar. You seriously cannot beat that!

8. Gold band : Has a fun vintage vibe to it, and I'm going crazy for gold this year. Will stack nicely with so many other pieces!

9. Fun little rhinestone danglies: Look nearly identical to a vintage pair I own but a little more sparkly being that they are new....could...not....resist....

10. Simple silver circles: I had a pair identical to these almost ten years ago and wore them right out. They just went with so many things! I had to have them out of nostalgia and practicality...right?

Well, there you have it! In and out of my ten dollar shopping spree today. What products do you love to buy at dollar stores? Name your poison!


  1. I love ELF! They have alot of awesome products for a great price. They just came out with a bunch of new products including baked blushes & eyeshadows. I'm excited about trying them! :)

    --- Nicole

  2. I love them too Nicole! You know what I bought on Amazon that I love? (For about 7 dollars total I think?) It was their eyelid primer and makeup primer in the pump. Both of them are awesome for the price! :)


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