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Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's new on the thrift tip...

...And welcome to another episode of "I Can't Stop Thrifting!" It's the program you love to love, where one cheap and fashionable girl can't stop herself from purchasing ridiculously inexpensive, vintage and kitschy things!

And fabulous things!

And shiny things!

More! More! More!

The vintage belt was one of two that are very similar; stretchy vintage gold belts from the 60's. Twenty-five cents at a yard sale ...fifty cents total. I wore one in this outfit, Purple Animals and Panda Winners..

I love this carved wooden box. It has a neat wooden scene on the outside and inside, there is a vintage mirror with a gold design on the lid. It was another yard-sale find for only a dollar. Presently, I'm storing family photos inside!

Little wide cuff black quartz watch. $1 thrifted.

Wooden vintage hotrod; 60's. 49 cents!

These are actually two matching vintage rhinestone PINS! Love them. Only $1; outfit post with these coming soon!

I've had so much good fortune lately. A friend brought me two Marushkas (kitschy vintage screen printed art that I collect, see it here) for my collection and I even found some more free scores on my own. I think FREE may be my most favorite of all. The white cabinet was an "on the side of the road" score! It looks cute in my living room -- especially with my favorite art deco vase from the '30s and a baby picture of my son! :)

Also…a direct solicitation…
I'm really excited to have launched a new photography page,"Pineapple Chantal Photography" ! I'm really looking forward to growing as a portrait artist and serving the West Michigan area as a photographer. I'd love it if you became a fan! Thanks for your support and continued reading. :) Hope your weekend is off to a fabulous (and thrifty!) start!


  1. Oh wow, I have a belt so similar to the one you got! Small world.

    However, mine is silver & gold.

    Here's a pic:

    I got mine for a dollar.

    --- Nicole

  2. That is so cute! I love the buckle on yours. I'm sure you are rocking it! :D


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