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Friday, September 6, 2013

Last Minute Chambray



Yesterday morning before work I had a baby fit. A little tantrum. A hing ding! 
Why? Well, going against the "good sense" part of my brain, I neglected to select an outfit the night before for my workday, which was a little higher priority than usual because of a school event.  Still, I managed to construct something I really liked in the wee hours of the morning but it involved a silk shirt. A very WRINKLY silk shirt. So, first mode of attack; I sprinkled it with water generously and tossed it into the dryer. Even after 15 minutes, the drying was completely ineffective, so I moved onto phase two: ironing. My iron with steam also failed to remove the stubborn silk wrinkles which were now causing me to twitch a little (ten minutes until I had to walk out the door).

I abandoned ship.

Moving on to other blouse selections in my closet, I threw on something different and managed to button it nearly completely until I reached the bottom...missing....button. (Expletive).

Shirt two: another missing button.

If you can believe it...shirt three....another missing button. (What the...???) HULK SMASH!

At this point I was furiously running around the house in my bra with a cup of french press, ready to violently explode anything in my path with fire-powered laser eyes.

As a last minute ditch effort, I threw on my trusty chambray shirt and a charcoal blazer (all thrifted, of course) with some black pants and these great peep toe bootie heels. 

I looked over my outfit. My blood pressure began to reduce, and I felt a sigh of relief.

Catastrophe averted. 

I liked the last minute ensemble enough to snap some outfit shots on my lunchbreak. Hope your morning was much better than mine the day these photos were taken!






 P.S.! Excuse the rough cuticles and less than perfect painting, but I wanted to share my cute mani-a layer of gold with a metallic maroon stripe, also "once-overed" with chunk glitter!


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