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Thursday, October 17, 2013

STILL LIFE: Mobile Ketchup


I'm playing "ketchup" with you today. Here are some mobile shots from the last few weeks that will get you up to speed on what's been going on, if you are so inclined to be interested!

1. Straight goofin'. Bumped my hair for work; kinda felt like a weirdo.
2. Loving leopard print and plaid, as usual! Always inspired by this pin on my Love Plaid board.
3. Stole my boyfriend's shirt; wore it under a cozy sweater in my Let Your Tail Hang Out post.
4. Perfect little pumpkin on my porch. Gorgeous fall weather!
5. Behind the scenes pic of a wedding shoot I recently did. See the whole album here at my photography page!
6. Num Num Num...breakfast! Sauteed kale, zuchinnis, garden veggies and egg whites with feta, whole grain english muffin, and cold apple cider from my boyfriend's grandfather's farm!

1. Thrifted polka dot blazer and a necklace from an old DIY! Lovin' the yellow...
2. Bought this leopard print scarf for FOUR DOLLARS. You can get one, too, here! The boyfriend was taking my picture and wouldn't give my phone back. Wahhhh!
3. Selfie from the wedding, a little pin curl action and some 1950's style glamour.
4. Another shot of the camel/B&W stripes and leopard--dig that combo a lot!
5. Teal nails/pink lips/gold and teal eyes
6. More deliciousness: sauteed and curried butternut squash with raisins, peppers, cardomom and turmeric over whole grain couscous. SOOOO GOOOOD!

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