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Monday, October 7, 2013

What will you wear to the (1950's) ball? Get ideas here!

1950s-Header.jpg (600×456)

to the 1950's ball?

During the 1950s women’s dresses were made with halter type tops, collars and had floral patterns and stripes. The phrase to describe this type of fashion was commonly called elegant ease. The waistline on dresses was commonly marked with a tight belt with a large skirt. CA#50's The Royal Resurgence of 1950's Fashion1950’s Fashion. <3 I would so wear this dress...

DRESSES: Several different styles were popular in the 50's, but the "Fit and Flare" was considered quite "nifty". ;) A fitted top with a collar and a belted, full skirt will also work for you! The good news is that you can easily recreate that look with items that are not necessarily vintage but can be found in your closet, or thrifted inexpensively! (Think high wasted pleated skirt with a crisp, white dress shirt...belted). Many shirt dresses from the 1980's are similar and can be dressed up to resemble the 1950's with a little tweaking! The green fitted dress with long gloves you see above is an example of some of the lovely and fitted tailored dresses of the later part of the 1950's made popular by designers such as Dior.

1950s men's hats!My+Pictures23.jpg (640×453)

SUITS: Suits relaxed and got a little "looser" in the 1950's, but were still made of heavy material. The grey flannel suit was very popular, as were vests, white and ivory suit jackets, and double breasted styles. Of course, the smart hat was still essential. Thinking about a rock 'n' roll look? Try the "Buddy Holly" with a thrifted sweater or bowtie and some Wayfarers.  See more men's looks on my Pinterest board by clicking on the photos!

1950s Footwear for Women | 1950S WOMENS SHOES - WOMEN SHOESAris Allen 1950s Women50s A lovely selection of versatile, attractive heeled shoes from 1953. #shoes #vintage #clothing #ad #1950s  #fifties

SHOES: The chunky high heels with squarish and oval toes from the 1940's were still popular, but a higher arch and more slender Stiletto style became popular in the late 50's as well. Saddle-shoes were definitely "in" (check out my Saddleshoe DIY here!! and also the entire board I have dedicated to Saddle-shoe style!) and Oxfords were still classic footwear! Check out the Pinterest page by clicking on any of the shoe images above; there are more shoe resources there!

COATS: Seal the deal with the right coat! A classy trench or dress coat will finish your outfit nicely, and they are SOOOO easy to thrift! I recommend Hope's Outlet at all three locations in Grand Haven and Muskegon to find one very easily. Men's coats were fitting a little looser (just like the suits) for the 1950's, and so were women's coats, though a fitted trench or dress coat with a small waist that matches the line of your dress would be oh-so-hip.

Ornate little purses with beaded and delicate chain strapsMultiple purse styles; drawstring, satchels, totes, "doctor" style satchels.Wicker basket style satchels
BAGS: Smaller handbags, satchels and totes dominated the purse styles of the 1950's. Wicker styles, leather, crocodile and ornate beaded purses with delicate straps were all very popular. Click the images to see handbags I have pinned on my Pinterest board!

Stay with me this week for more makeup, hair and nail tips to prepare for the 2013 Lumber Baron's Ball OR just be FAB like the FIFTIES!

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