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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold Weather Beauty: 5 Ways to be Pretty in your Parka

Click the picture above to visit its source at Marie Claire's Top 7 Winter Beauty Tricks!


(Because if you live in West Michigan, you are headed to Party In Your Parka this weekend, right?)

1. Start with moisture... Begin your beauty regimen by giving your hair and skin the extra conditioning it needs to be in the elements. For your skin, exfoliate and use a moisturizer all over that contains vitamin C if possible. Even if your skin tends to be on the oily side in winter months or indoors, being out in the winter elements will dry out skin and you might want to beef up your formula. The same goes for hair--the night before an event where you may be exposed to the extreme cold, apply a conditioning hair mask or leave in conditioner to your locks and get them prepped for sub zero submersion!

2. Forget the foundation!Normal foundation and powder can do strange things in super cold weather, adhering to patchy parts of skin and becoming thick and pasty. Super cold temperatures don't allow products to blend as easily with your skin, so you may want to consider switching to a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Don't have one? No big deal...make your own! Try blending your liquid foundation with a moisturizer like the ones listed above. You can even add your own nutrients by throwing in a vitamin E gelcap and maybe even a touch of bronzer!

3. Get your glow on, but maybe skip the blush. Winter weather is definitely the perfect time to add a little shimmer to your look with a touch of bronzing cream, or a dusting of iridescence once you are done applying your makeup. Because your cheeks might already be flushed from the temperatures, you can probably skip your normal blush, or instead try a little rouge cream for some added moisture to skin that may already be slightly flaky or dried out!

4. Go waterproof and go bold. Definitely bust out the water proof mascara and eyeliner for an outdoor even to avoid the Tammy Fay Baker runs and stand up to random snowflakes and moisture that will try to infiltrate your look. Winter is a perfect time for bold, smoky eyes. Try adding iridescent and light shades like white, pearl and gold to the inner creases of your eyes to add light and "awake" factor, and finish a bold eye look with a more neutral lip.

5. Use these hairstyle tips (plus styling ideas!) Cold weather can actually "set" curls and keep them longer than hot and humid weather, provided there isn't a ton of precipitation to ruin the show. However, exposure to the elements can really dry out hair and make it frizzy. Run a dryer sheet (really!) over strands to eliminate frizz, and if possible, wear your hair in a braid, chignon or bun! If you prefer to have your hair down, control the fly-a-ways and moisture falling on you with a warm cap (but you probably already planned on that already if you're heading to Party in Your's Michigan after all, right? BRR!) Need some hat hair inspiration? Check out my blog from last year's Party In Your Parka prep..."Hat Hair: It's a good thing!"

Click the image below or here for a flip book of some winter hair style ideas from Daily Candy!

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