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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WINTER COAT STYLE: 6 Ways to Party in your Parka!

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6 Ways to Party in your Parka!

I'm thrilled to be participating in this year's annual Party In Your Parka (see last year's coverage here--it was a total blast!!) as the resident stylist, and creating stylish warmth couldn't possibly come at a better time, as Michigan has been experiencing some of the coldest temps in DECADES due to the recent "polar vortex"! 

While we here in the mitten state are hoping to the frigid heavens that these arctic conditions subside, the question remains:

How do we balance warmth with fashion?

I've been busy pinning images today for you (all images below are courtesy of Pinterest and the pinboard links to their respective sources) with some ideas on how to do just that! All of the looks shown here could be easily thrifted--at least in part! Read on for some ideas on how to work some "wow" into your "winter wardrobe"--and don't forget to put Party In Your Parka on your schedule (all day on Saturday, January 25th) for an awesome amount of winter fun, craft beer, and entertainment all in the beautiful outdoors at North Muskegon's Winter Sports Complex!

Lovely winter fashion with coat and knit hat and scarf

1. Create a unique color theme with your scarfs, hat, mittens and coat. I LOVE the combo of red and salmon.  A bright matching knitted set can breathe a lot of life even into a basic pea coat! Try unlikely color combos for even more attitude, such as the above culmination or perhaps teal with blue, hot pink with yellow, plum with pink, or anything else you can think of that pops. You won't know until you try... 

Free-shipping-2012-NEW-fashion-brand-woman-down-coat-winter-coat-winter-jacket-Italian-design-S.jpg (950×1196)

2. Go all black. I feel that all black somehow seems so sleek and fresh in winter. It has a streamlined feel to it--even in a puffer jacket like the one shown above! The eye is drawn to the face--a perfect opportunity to play up your eyes and lips if you like dramatic makeup!

coat | Men's Winter Fall Style Fashion

3. Salt and Pepper it. It's fun to layer salt and pepper, hounds-tooth, grey wool, stripes and chevron together. Try a mono-chromatic look that pulls together different elements of your wardrobe, and consider tossing in a few camel or nude accents (like the backpack above).

Miss Grant FW 2012 Hairy winter coat for children's fashion

3. A dramatic hat and fur. 'Nuff said. But I can't end this paragraph without mentioning how much I adore this look, even though the look was created for a tween gal. I absolutely LOVE the hat with long hair and fur elements, and I'm thinking of putting together my PIYP outfit with similar inspiration!

women-winter-fashionwomens-winter-coats-fashion-trend-maxi-coat-autumn-2006-winter-2007-yxhjdgwi.jpg (489×676)

4. Do a dress coat with black tights! Preferably some very thick and warm ones, if you live in Michigan--and don't forget the boots! I'm particularly fond of the ivory and black combo. Earmuffs and a nice knitted infinity scarf (maybe fur!) would top the outfit off well!

Full Snow Suit Coveralls Vintage Blue, via Etsy.

5. Rock and Roll in a Vintage Snowsuit! I couldn't leave out this option after one of my friends and also a PIYP organizer, Sara Sass, mentioned that she had bought awesome retro snowsuits for her and her boyfriend to don at the Party in Your Parka event. So much fun, and for anyone who loves kitsch and vintage items, probably a little nostalgic, too! Glam sunglasses and a fur hat really take it to the next level on this one.


6. ...Or an awesome vintage parka! I love the unexpected brightness and retro appeal of the goofy neon parka shown above. So much, in fact, that I did a little searching of my own! Anyone looking for a rad snowsuit or vintage parka might also want to sift through some of the awesome retro goodness below:

Vintage Rainbow Snowsuit and Jacket Ebay Results Here! 
(Don't forget to look at your local thrift store!)


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