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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thirteen Dollars at Seconds on Third: A Thrift Store Review


A thrift store review

I had such a lovely fourth of July up north in the Black Lake/Rogers City/Onaway area. (Check out a photo album of shots I posted from over the weekend at my photography page here!). One of the highlights of my weekend was stopping in to Seconds on Third (what a cute name, right?), a local Roger's City thrift store and non-profit on Third street whose proceeds go to the most excellent cause: Shelter Inc. in Alpena. What does Shelter Inc. do? They provide counseling, shelter and rehab services of all kinds for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. They use the money from their thrift stores to fund everything from one on one therapy to operating their safe house for clients.

I had a chance to chat with store manager Renee Roeske, and I was interested in what type of demographic they served. Were many of the the clients female? "The shelter has only females living there," Renee said. "But they've helped males in the past, too--it's open to everyone. They've put male victims up in hotel rooms."  

The program is amazing full spectrum care for people of all sexes and ages. The thrift store's themselves double as locations for on site counseling, which is busy at some locations and a little more quiet at others. "We haven't had many individuals lately at the Roger's City store", Renee mentioned. "That's a good thing!"


IT WAS AWESOME! FIVE STARS! Definitely stop by if you are in the Rogers City/Onaway area...I highly recommend it!

The first thing I noticed about the thrift store upon arrival was that it was clean, bright, and well organized. Though it was a small space, there was a really great collection of fun household items, jewelry, coats, women and men's apparell, furniture, shoes and other odds and ends.

EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WAS HALF OFF! That was music to my ears. I couldn't believe what I walked out of the store with for only thirteen collective dollars. See my treasusres below!



This cute floral chair was $2.50 cents the day that I arrived. I would have brought it home had I the vehicle to do so!



There were lots of clean, well sorted kid's clothes. 
Those plaid shorts were 25 cents (half off!)!


This super cute (and spotless) Calvin Klein trench was marked 6, so it would have been $3. Too bad it was a little big on me. The lady next to me mentioned that it would be worth buying to sell on Ebay, which I agree with! However, I'm into good thrift karma, so when something doesn't fit me...I leave it for the next lucky customer.




An adorable and perfectly fitting jean jacket, a cute pair of strappy bronze heels in perfect condition, a BRAND NEW pair of tan and brown suede Bass saddle shoes (that I was so excited about), three cute necklaces (including a fun gold and tiger eye bolo style strand) and a bronze studded strap bracelet.

OH! And a genuine leather tasseled shoulder bag, a genuine leather vest, and a genuine leather skirt that all fits me perfectly (Don't worry--I'm not wearing all the pieces together, haha!). Say what? Yeah. That's the kind of deal I'm talking about. Hands down the easiest thirteen dollars I've spent in a while!



P.O. Box 797
Alpena, MI 49707
Tel: (989) 356-2560
24-Hour Toll-free Crisis Line – 
(800) 396-9129

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