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Monday, August 25, 2014

Pretty Pale Pink: Street Fashion in Grand Rapids


Street Fashion In Grand Rapids

Meet Katie! She was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but recently relocated to San Fransisco, California. I met Katie while volunteering for an amazing summer camp for girls in Grand Rapids called "Girls Rock Grand Rapids". Each year, this camp hosts a slew of spunky, creative young girls who are budding musicians and not only provides a safe space and instruments for them to create music with, but also helps the process along with inspirational and caring coaches and camp counselors! Within the camp roster, girls not only form bands but by the end of the week, they enjoy recording their original compositions and even performing them on stage! Just like last year, I taught a songwriting, singing and guitar workshop for the girls and then hung around to take photos and soak up all of the positive energy.

Katie complimented me on a pair of saddle shoes that I had recently thrifted at Seconds on Third and we got to talking about her outfit, which was also entirely thrifted, gifted, and hand made (her jewelry was both secondhand and handmade by a friend). Her favorite place to thrift is Salvation Army, or any other cheap mission thrift (my kinda gal!). I loved her shell pink hair and relaxed summer outfit. Check out the fashion highlights below!

IMG_9310 IMG_9320 IMG_9315 IMG_9322 IMG_9307

What We Can Learn From Katie:

--Stripes are always in. Always.

--Mix Pink and Red

--Add pops of unexpected color, like the seafoam green plugs in Katie's ear that contrast the pretty pink hair!

--Mix 'n' Match chunky silver rings or stack them 

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