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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thrift Trick Makeover Giveaway! And a 2 second DIY tie belt!

THRIFT TRICK is giving away a MAKEOVER!!!

It’s so exciting! In honor of our up and coming fashion show on December 8th, 2012 at Watermark 920 in Muskegon, I’m giving away a style makeover!

Together with our sponsor Hope’s Outlet and our lead cosmetologist and hair stylist for the show, Miss Cecelia Hughes, we are providing one lucky winner with the following prize package! It includes:

n   A guided shopping experience, consultation and free outfit! Our winner will receive a one-on-one THRIFT shopping session at one of three Hope’s Outlet locations and also ONE FREE OUTFIT! During this time we will learn about flattering items, dressing best for your figure and also tips on how to score the best thrifted items for your money!
n   A makeup and hair styling Our winner will also receive a haircut, hair and makeup styling and learn some new beauty tips and tricks.
n   A personal style shoot and a guest appearance in “Thrift Trick”! Receive a professional photography session and a guest appearance in the blog at!
n   Be a guest of honor at our event! Last but not least, our winner will be a guest of honor and receive a free ticket to the fashion show event!


1.    You must be an active attendant on the guest list at our official     event page. Click here to view the event and RSVP!

2.    Become a fan of the Thrift Trick Facebook page at:

3.    Leave a comment on the Facebook page letting me know why you’d like to be the contest winner!

Good luck to everyone…our winner will be selected at random on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 and must come to the Muskegon/Grand Haven area on an agreed upon date to recieve the prize! Can’t wait to meet our future winner…


I love the bow belt look. Admittedly, a DIY leather bow belt is really no big deal; they are so easy to make! However, if you are even LAZIER than that, and want a quick fix, AND if you are tired of your old traditional belts lying around…well, this two second thrifted DIY is right up your alley!

I scored a light pleather belt with a buckle for 50 cents at a thrift store! I simply snipped the buckle off and tied it around my waist instead!

The effect was a “bowish” knot, and it looked really cute over my sweater/vintage shift dress as well as my coat, which is getting TOO BIG for me…like all of my clothes!

Why not try “tying” some of your belts instead? I prefer this look with a trench.  A softer pleather belt provides the perfect “structure” in terms of holding you “in”, yet ties and knots well. 

Give it a shot!

By the way… At the moment, I am very busy organizing our fashion show details, but as soon as the event passes, I will be organizing a dress sale to clean out my closet from some of the items that are no longer fitting me! Stay tuned…

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