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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pretty Summer Hair Tutorial: Thrift Trick Guerrilla Style


Pretty Summer Hair Tutorial: Thrift Trick Guerrilla Style

While I was out and about in Grand Haven, Michigan yesterday at Jumpin' Java Coffee House, I spotted this cute, summery hairstyle on the young lady in front of me! I wanted to share it with readers as an idea/reminder for a quick long hair style. I especially like the way this style uses smaller strands and is simply held with a bobby pin. No tight feeling at the back of your head or crimp marks when you "let your hair down" at the beach later! :)

Here's how to achieve it for medium to long length hair:

What you'll need:   

  • Tangle free, dry hair sprayed with any favorite products (heat treat, etc.)
  • A medium to large curling iron 
  • 2-3 bobby pins in whatever size holds your hair best/matches your hair color
  • Optional: any special added decoration you'd like (flower to pin, decorative bobby pin, or even a single clip on earring!)
1. Part your hair however you prefer (down the middle, to the side, etc.)

2Pull hair into large sections (1 1/2 to 2 inch), and with a medium to large barreled curling iron, barrel wrap hair loosely at the end. Don't know how to do that? No problem! Here's a Youtube tutorial for you to watch:

 (*Note: for the above look, you'll want to wrap the hair lower on the strand, unless you like the look of a tighter curl. Part of my appeal for the above look are the relaxed, beachy waves you see in the picture.)

3. Take a 3 inch section of hair from either side of your crown in front (not too thick--hair should rest lightly and fall above ears) and secure at the back of head in a criss-cross pattern. Bobby pin sections underneath and to hide the pins, allow some of the top strands of hair to be partially loose at the very top of where the hair is pinned together. It will fall a little over the bobby pin but won't separate entirely from its section.

4. Add some flair...Try pinning a flower to the center where sections meet, or get "thriftspired" and secure a sole vintage clip on--perhaps a rhinestone or large costume piece!

Voila! Pulled together yet relaxed and summery...

Keep following along with me this summer for more Thrift Trick Guerrilla Style! 

Check out my Instagram and Facebook page and search for posts labeled with the hashtag #ThriftTrickGuerrillaStyle to see my posts all together!

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