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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hounds tooth and Purple Rain

Houndstooth and Purple Rain

OK, so it was just houndstooth and purple NAIL POLISH, but it was raining out this morning. It's been a little gloomy in Michigan the past week or so, with intermittent sunshine. This morning was no exception, and after a huge gust of wind almost taking out the kit lens on my camera (the edge broke off, but the glass was in tact!) I haven't been risking outdoor shooting with my tripod!

It's probably a bit of a blessing in disguise because, with final projects and exams liquefying my brain this week and next, I can BARELY find time to dress myself, and that's the truth! That said, I felt like sharing the fun combination of this houndstooth blazer with purple nails and toes!

For the record, I'm a huge Prince fan...

Houndstooth is something you can find ALL over the place in terms of thrifting; it seems to add punch to just about everything you pair it with. (And it mixes well with other prints, like the tank I wore under it today).

My entire outfit with the exception of the necklace (seen in this casual post )
was thrifted!

See you tomorrow for jewelry
give-a-way news!

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