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Monday, April 30, 2012

Love Triangles: Outfit and Jewelry Giveaway #1!

It’s the first Thrift Trick Maydays

jewelry giveaway post!

Notice the vintage red choker I am wearing in the photo above. It is also pictured with the accessories below, and you can see it in most of the outfit shots. I am giving this necklace away to one lucky reader this Friday! Read on for instructions. :)

I really, really, really love this vintage 80's triangle print dress. It is so fun and colorful. I have such a love affair with primary colored prints....

I thought the outfit worked really well with tan and nude accessories, so I threw this handbag in!

Nude pumps! But...

After I while I relaxed with bright red flats. :)


Answer this question in a comment below! (Anyone who comments is entered--you don't have to get the question right! )

I'm wearing only two items in my entire ensemble that AREN'T thrifted. Post a comment below and make a guess...and no matter if your answer is right or wrong, you'll be entered in a random drawing to win the vintage red costume jewelry (choker) that I am wearing above!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you stay up to date with me here at and also on the Thrift Trick Facebook page, as I will be announcing winners in both of those places!

Good luck, and thanks for reading the blog! Stay with me in May for more (totally effortless!) jewelry giveaways!


  1. I'm-a gonna say your purse and the nude pumps...

  2. the pearl bracelet and the sunglasses?

  3. Sunglasses??? =)

  4. CONGRATS KATIE! announced the winner (I numbered everyone from 1-8 and then "randomized" the number selection!).

    Enjoy your new necklace!

  5. PS--the correct answer was sunglasses and shoes! :) I would never wear thrifted I should have mentioned makeup was out of the game from the beginning, lol! :)


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