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Monday, April 2, 2012

Casual: Rolled jeans, aqua and black!

Casual: Black, Aqua and Rolled Jeans!

Here's something new to try if you haven't done it...wear a necklace over a buttoned,collared shirt. It works especially well, in my opinion, with big pieces or layered pieces. I love the way it looks with a tightly buttoned collar, like this wild look from Marc Jacobs. Equally fantastic is this collar piece that echoes the lines of the white dress shirt worn. Normally, dress shirts feel somewhat stuffy to me when they are done up all the way, but I love this ornamental and sassy embellishment. Try it out!

My aqua bag ($8) and the black beaded necklace ($3) were from Family Dollar Stores. Great deal, right?

The rest of my outfit was thrifted--of course. :)

The black is a little dark for Spring, I know...but I do love the way it looks with the aqua color. White is much hotter this season, but all white isn't necessarily the kindest hue for the ladies with curves, haha! I will do my very best this season to illustrate how a gal with a fuller figure can do white without fearing the extra visual poundage. I'm especially on the lookout for an all white shirt dress...just tossed out a khaki one the other day when I cleaned out my closet! I'll keep you posted!

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