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Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrift With Purpose: Your wish list

I threw away over 20 magazines this weekend.

Honestly, it was only about a third of what is laying around my house. I know--it's terrible, right? In my defense, this is what happens when I go to throw out a magazine: I get cold sweats. What if there is an outfit I like in there that I want to reference again? Or a recipe?"

This weekend, I pushed the panic down in lieu of de-cluttering, and finally broke out the scissors, clipping all of my favorite outfits, articles, photography ideas, and more. I put all of them into a shoe box which is currently about 1/3 of the way full. Barely an inch in height--that is what 20 magazines were reduced to over a course of the weekend! Each day I'll add a few more until my paper clutter is gone. My new goal is to do this once a month when new subscriptions come, to keep the old in check. Perhaps some day I'll even get more determined and scan my clippings to store digitally--but for now, I like being able to take them out and sort them by hand.

As I waded through the glossy pages of fashion, homemaking and perfume samples (check out fun ways to use them here) in my daunting paper stacks, I added a few things to my Thrift Wish List.

This is the list I keep of basic items that I'm on the lookout for. It helps keep me centered and SOMETIMES it prevents me from buying things that aren't on my list, or things I don't NEED MORE OF. I am only human, however. Haha!

I highly suggest that you make a list for yourself--particularly if you're not quite sure where to start with thrifting (especially for fashion). It's fun to add things and even more satisfying when you cross an item off (and knowing you did it for a few dollars is seriously awesome).

Here's what my wish list looked like this weekend when I went thrifting:


Thrift Wish List

-Flattering white dress shirt

-White shirt dress (or a similar cut)

-Peach or seafoam shirt dress for spring

-cognac riding boots

-professional hairdryer

-Marushkas (always!)

-red blazer

-navy blazer

-wide leg jean

-strappy high heel sandal

-structured dark brown bag

-new wallet


Making Progress! (Resources here...)

Once an item has been on my list for a long time with no success, I may move to buying it new somewhere. As you can see, I found a few things I was looking for this weekend! I couldn't resists a few other extra items at

St. Vincent De Paul's (located on 1338 Wood street in Muskegon) and Valueland (located on 525 W. Sherman in Muskegon).

St. Vincent's had many cute summer shoes available for two dollars each, and you should check out their bag sales on Tuesdays and Saturdays! I bought 3 dresses, 3 blazers and a navy suit on Saturday for FOUR DOLLARS. Awesome!

Valueland also recieved high marks on Saturday for a nice barrage of adorable vintage dresses. If you hit the right "tag" sale day, you might win the item half off! They also have other days that are half off all tags. I believe it is Tuesday but perhaps someone will comment and clarify. :)

So there you have it! Try thrifting with a list for more purpose, and bring a bag of items you no longer wear to donate with you! It's the circle of life....

And speaking of circles, in parting I share with you my awesome vinyl collection and vintage turntable. I enjoyed rummaging through the stacks of my long forgotten (but oh-so-juicy) record collection. Nod to Nancy Sinatra for the awesome stripes and red outfit she's rocking...

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  1. The last Tuesday of every month is half off the store at Valueland. Many people are aware of this, though, and come on Monday to scope out what they want. So come early!


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