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Thursday, October 4, 2012

EXCITING NEWS! But I need your help...


And I couldn't be more excited about it! As the flyer suggests, it is going to be at Watermark 920 on December 8th, 2012. It is also doubling as a clothes drive! But here's where I need your help:

In order to reach more people with our event, and collect more clothes for the clothes drive, we've applied for a Love Note Grant from the Muskegon Community Foundation!

Our proposal is in the running for this grant and the voting system is easy: All you have to do is "like" our picture on Facebook!


If you have time, check out the promotional video below featuring yours truly. And for extra credit points (please with a cherry on top!) share the link on your own FB page!

 I can't wait to share more with you regarding this's going to be amazing! As always, thanks for reading...and have a beautiful Thursday!


  1. please let me know how i can help you plan/run this event i am super in love!!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely! I sent your "Year of Slow Fashion" FB page a message the other day; check your inbox! :)

    The very, very best thing you could do would be to help us promote this picture! :) We need more likes to win money so we can make our event more successful!

    I sent you some more info in the message...let me know if you got it! :)


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