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Sunday, October 7, 2012

What I wore: Lumber Baron's Ball Coverage!

Coffee from my favorite mug! It's what I do before I go anywhere...power up. 

WHAT I WORE: Coverage from the Lumber Baron’s Ball

I've been talking about it non-stop this week...and it finally came!
Saturday night was so enjoyable! I loved seeing everyone dressed up from the WWII era/1940's. The ambiance and decor was beautiful at Watermark--what a wonderful job staff did creating a perfect atmosphere for what was hopefully a very fruitful evening of fundraising for the museum!

One of my highlights for the evening was meeting a couple--Marty and Orville. Marty hadn't recognized me when I arrived, but knew my blog--and mentioned that I had "dressed her for the event" with my tips. It's always great to know I'm reaching people with my blog!

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (do it!!!), I leaked a few photos of my progress Friday-Saturday, here: Makeup/Hair, Shoes and Hat.

For the rest of my look, I did very defined brows with a bright cherry lipstick, basic black liner, and my hair done in victory rolls and pin curls set against a black afternoon hat. I had some netting in the back wrapping over a tucked "roll" that pinned the rest of my hair up, similiar to the "snood" style.  My look was a basic black cocktail dress, red blouse tied and adorned high wasted, and a fur and black gloves (with my "Blinged Out Mock Cufflinks", no less) and my saucy, low budge add-in: the tiger print purse! Oh yes, I would have been a cheap, costume-jewelry adorned girl back then, too...mark my words. :)

Check out the Youtube video below for a video with my evening highlights!

Also see my photo album from the ball on my Facebook page! (Click here!) Think you might be in some of them? Better get over there and start tagging...


  1. just FABULOUS adoring the hat and gloves and everything!

  2. Thank you Rachel! :) I love dressing vintage!! :)


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