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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Give the plaid to me.

Plaid button up purchased last week at Goodwill in Norton Shores, Michigan for $2.99


...For plaid. I know, I can do plaid all year round. But I'm not talking about light plaids, cool plaids, thin plaids with shorts...

I'm talking about heavy plaids...warm plaids...layered plaids...blazered plaids...plaids that smell of woodsmoke and keep you toasty on cool October mornings; plaids that take a few apple cider spills with no problem...plaids that layer with tweeds, boots, and knit caps.


Check out the Pinterest board I've made this morning in celebration. I can't wait to try some of these looks myself and I'm on the hunt for a few choice thrifted items; namely...some plaid pants! Happy pinning!

Some of my favorite pins:

Fantastic look (pinned on my other fall runway board as well) from Micheal Kors Fall RTW 2012

Yet more plaid on plaid; love the necklace peeking out and the chambray, too.


Check out the board to see more...and all of the image/link credits, of course!


  1. loving this plaid shirt! :D plaid is so fun and fall :D was chatting with everyone at my favorite thrift spots about you today

  2. Thanks Rachel! :D Where were you shopping? Found some good stuff today at Goodwill...but spent a little more than normal, eek. Hah! :)


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