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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hair for the Lumber Baron's Ball

Hair for the Lumber Baron’s Ball!

It's almost time for the Lumber Baron's Ball! (If you missed my previous posts check them out here and here).  I'm so excited!  I thought I would include readers today and ask everyone: Which of the 1940's style hairdos with a hat is your favorite? I think I'm leaning towards style number two as I have a LOT of long hair...I'm thinking it would be easier to pin it all back! 

I'm showing you hairstyles with hats because I do have a hat to wear--in fact, my hat is almost completely identical to the one shown in hairstyle number five, below! Though long waves were very chic for the 1940s, I am going to be doing at least a partial updo with my hat. (Look for more sneak peaks of my outfit tonight on my Instagram channel as I get things ready for tomorrow!)

So, what do you think? Which hairstyle is your favorite? Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page...I've set up a thread there as well!

Have a great Friday...the weekend is here, yay!




Photo Credits: Obviously, the above photos do not belong to me! Many of them I had collected in a folder from a Google search I did a while ago. However, number 4 and 5 came from an adorable Vintage blog,! Check it out!

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