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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wild Thang at Fat Chix


This morning I stopped in to Fat Chix Coffee Cantina in Grand Haven, Michigan. If the coffee doesn't wake you up...the decor certainly will!  What a fun little place on Beachtree street.  The coffee is moderately priced and of good quality, and the ambience of the place is quirky, down to earth and completely sub-pretentious. 

It almost seems unfair to shoot in black and white there.

I love the "pay yourself, make your own change" vibe on the everyday coffee counter. There are goodies of all kinds stacked literally from wall to wall; from gourmet sauces and Trader Joe's odds and ends to sweet rolls! Speaking of sweet, this precious guy was checking me out this morning as I hauled my tripod to and fro. I never did catch his name.

This outfit was 100% thrifted! The black skirt is something I've been favoring alot lately. It's just SO great with busy prints of every color, and it's a flattering cut for me! The tiger print mock turtleneck was a Hope's Outlet find this week for $1.49, and I'm loving the black microsuede wedges I bought at Goodwill for $6 brand new. They were a clearance item from Target (Merona). This wonderful little color block suede vintage clutch was from St. Vincent DePaul's, averaging at 15 cents from a recent "bag sale" score.

One of my favorite things about being out and about for outfit/thrifting posts are the locals I get to chat with. People are so responsive and friendly in this area. If I could only remember to keep large stacks of business cards with me, everywhere I go...

It's kind of fun to do your bracelets OVER the sleeves sometimes. I do get a little OCD on occasion though, when trying to "push my sleeves up" for everyday tasks.  Having something constricted there can push me into a freakout. Haha!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! If you find yourself in need of a little shock therapy tomorrow morning, try Fat Chix in Grand Haven. Keeps the old eyeballs open!


  1. LOVE THIS LOOK! and love that coffee cafe!!!

  2. Thank you!! :) It is such a fun place! :)

  3. So cool you did a photo shoot at Fat Chix! The best coffee in Grand Haven! The building looks great for a backdrop:)

  4. Thank you AmberRose! :) It is a fun place to take pictures!!!


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