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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Red and Glitter Mani

Maybelline New York Express Finish 60 Second Nail Color, Racing Rubies 190

LA Colors silver chunk glitter

Wet and Wild Shine Top Coat

I'm not the most precise painter (as evidenced by high res photos) but I AM getting a lot more creative and adept with my nails as I do it more often. For years as a musician I avoided polish, because I always wore it off playing my electric guitar. As I transitioned into playing classical more often, the nylon strings were much kinder to my manicures! Also, the glitter manis are so very kind to those who aren't as precise or may be rough on their paint jobs. The chunk glitter hides so many imperfections and it's tough!

One thing I've found is that I really appreciate having my nails cut in a "square-ish" shape and to a uniform length. I use to try and "grow out" each nail to its potential, rather than trimming them all the same regardless. Why I did this, I'm not exactly sure (am I weird?). However, my manicures really do look so much nicer when I aim for a homogeneous length.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you KNOW I am cheap. I do not pay for manicures--I've been giving them to myself and others my entire life! I know some people incorporate professional manis and pedis into their routines as a method of self-pampering and if that is your thing--more power to you!

However, if you are like me and you can't afford to do that regularly and/or can't justify spending $30 (or more depending on what you have done) on something fairly short lived, then try these "pro" tips I use regularly:

-Soak your hands in warm water with essential oils and soap to soften, and follow up with moisturizers. You could also achieve this by folding hands into a steamy, hot towel and letting them soften up that way.

-Less is more. Over three coats of nail paint and you could be heading for trouble and smudges!

-Roll the polish in your hands to warm and mix. Shaking creates air bubbles in the polish.


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