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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well "RED" and mixing it up!

Red accents, oh, how I love thee!
(Let's start by mentioning that this entire outfit was less than $10! Been thrifting this week to see what you can find? Not sure where to go? Check out some of my Thrift Reviews--there are more to come!)
This pleated polyster black skirt and vintage print shirt lent itself well to a faux red patent leather belt and purse. It just MADE SENSE to throw a little leopard print in there! FYI: the purse is available for sale at my shop here
and I think I'll add the shirt soon, as well!

The glasses go well with this outfit! I think this ensemble would look great with a side bun or a relaxed low pony, but an updo would work well, also!

LOVE this print and black/tan combo. Are you interested in buying this shirt? Contact me at and I'll give you first dibs before I list it!

I put two sets of shoes up with this outfit that I thought would work well. One is a pair of vintage JC Penny's leapard print ballet slippers that I got for $1 in the package, brand new, at Hope's Outlet in Grand Haven! The other are a pair of suede loafers with leopoard print accents on the top of the toe and the heel. I bought these at Family Dollar for $7. They were just too "rockabilly cute" to pass up!

Are you a scaredy cat when it comes to mixing colors and patterns? It's no secret that red, tan and black go nicely together. But there's no need to fear mixing prints, particularly when they are matching color schemes! You never know until you try.
It's probably clear how well these two blend together:

At the same time, you don't necesarily need a "safe bet" to make two prints work together. It's a bit of a risk, but when it comes together, the multi-textured and rich result is well worth it. Since I'm not in the mood to "hate" on combos that don't work and look hideous, let's take a look at some scoreboard ensembles!


Erdem Dries Van Noten Louis Vuitton Milly Kenzo

mixing prints-leopard print and  stripes-red leather bow belt

Love Maegan Does It Well!

Image Detail

Mixing florals and reds! Ooh lala...fashionable and oh-s0-romantic!

Image Detail

Yes! A+ to the middle outfit--circle print skirt with delicate floral blouse. Dig it!


Tips on Mixing Prints:

FashionEyeForMen: Great posts with men mixing print!

RealSimple: Simple guidelines for mixing print

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