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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hitting the new year with new purpose: Solo earring ring DIY

Look at these fabulous (and upycled vintage) rings I made!
They are so easy that you don't really even need a tutorial (in my opinion).
Here's what I did: I went to Hope's Outlet in Grand Haven and I purchased vintage clip on earrings that had lost their mate for .49 cents each! Losing one of the pair is so sad for an earring but no problem for a new life as a ring! They were all clip on or screw on, and they backings easily removed by simply bending back and forth. There was no cutting or grinding necessary. You could probably sand the bottoms down a bit if you like but I left them just as is.
The next step was to glue them to the ring blanks I bought. I purchased these ring blanks from
I used hot glue. I believe hot glue or another very hard setting epoxy would be your best choice. I would not use super glue as I don't believe it would work. Fixing the earrings with jewelery wire might be another acceptable choice.
And voila! Instant statement rings that are unique, vintage, one of a kind, and just beautiful! I've already recieved many compliments on mine. I'm thinking of doing some giveaways with them. Maybe in the future I'll have a shop location where you can pick one up! You never know. ;)
Have a great Tuesday!

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