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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Viewpoints...and JAVA!

Some of my very favorite things are in my kitchen...and many of them are gifts! Take this cute "Chantal" red teapot from my friend Jenna! It is used everyday, more than once, to boil my french press and tea water.
Refocus your lens on the sign behind the teapot and you'll see a gift my mom brought me this weekend on her visit!

I love these vintagesque, Ann Taintor-style tin signs. Before I hang anything up in my house, it has to meet my requirements: be cute, be true, be vintage (or "esque".) This is not to say that I am entirely discriminate about hanging things. :)
I HAVE, after all, gotten a few, "Holy $*&@, you have a ton of stuff on your walls". More on the random things suspending around the house later... As far as the sign goes, it fits all three categories and I actually replaced another, smaller coffee sign with it. Thanks, Mom!
Primarily, I'd say this sign fits the "true" category, because I am a self-proclaimed java junkie in the worst way! How about you?

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