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Saturday, January 14, 2012

InStyle Plaid and Fur Remix

It's another InStyle remix!

The outfit above caught my eye in this month's InStyle magazine on pg. 108! The original is great--lots of colors, textures, and it's a little bit rock and roll. My version was slightly more conservative without the cute lace up boots and the vest, but definitely a very close runner up! Here's the $1,120 dollar question though: do you think my frugal and thrifted outfit is really $1, 085 dollars LESS of an ensemble? Because that's how much MORE the InStyle version cost. It's fabulous, but I could never justify spending that much. What else could you buy with just over a thousand dollars? That's alot of dough. What do you think? Did I hit the mark?

This outfit is easily dressed down with jeans. In fact, it was a blustery, blizzardy and cold day in Michigan, and I remixed this outfit once again with dark jeans and calf boots. It was JUST as cute. Very glam with dark sunglasses. I also posted another alternative to the grey boots that I thought would be quite sassy--bright green Chuck Taylor All Star high tops!

Everything in this outfit is thrifted with the exception of the white shirt underneath, a "Danskin" plain white tee from Walmart ($7) and the grey slouch boots, "Upper East Side" for Payless ($13).

Proof of today's arctic weather below!

P.S., my one of my favorite gals, Drew Barrymore, was on the cover this month! I personally thought she looked strange--too digitally altered, perhaps? BUT, I digress!


  1. It is amazing, the things you find and put together on a budget. Great find!

    Congratulations on the opening of your new boutique!

  2. Well, thank you! Much appreciated and thanks for featuring the blog on the website!

    I love thrifting and trying to do things for less. It's a challenge I can't resist--the rebel in me! Haha! :)


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