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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grandma's Bracelet

I love this bracelet. It was given to me by my mother and belonged to my grandmother. She wore it in the sixties! It went with the print on my vintage shirt PERFECTLY! I actually worked the outfit AROUND the bracelet, because I really wanted to show it off. :)

The Calvin Klein bag in this outfit was scored at Salvation Army for 99 cents. I thought it was really cute! I love big, spacious totes. I always have so much with me all the time.

The boots and Cardigan are the only two items that were bought new this year. Both are from Target. The shirt is a vintage polyester print and the jeans were a thrift find. Belt has shown up in many of my outfit posts and was only a dollar at my favorite thrift haunt.

My favorite thing about this ensemble (other than the bracelet!) is the print in the shirt. I LOVE the blue, burnt orange, maroon and tan print. Those colors are great together and I don't often see them put together!

Have a great Tuesday! I'm home sick from work today with a fever. Boo. No outfit shoots for me today. Nothing but jammies and tea. :D


  1. Feel better soon! Colds seem to be sweeping the Nation- hell, the world! Beaaautiful bracelet, and I love that it comes with that added history!

  2. Thanks so much Van! :) It was short lived, thank God. Waiting for it to hit the rest of the fam now, hahah!


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