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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thrift Store Review: Goodwill North Muskegon, MI

THRIFT REVIEW: Goodwill of North Muskegon, MI

1169 Whitehall Rd, Muskegon, MI 49445
(231) 744-1215

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Goodwill of North Muskegon might be my favorite Goodwill in the area! The funny thing is, it is one of the smallest stores in the area. (There are 5 that I know of--3 left to review!)
First impressions of the store beyond size are ones of tidiness and organization! Every time I have come to this location it has been impeccably clean, and well organized. Whoever does the outfit endcaps does a very nice job putting together stylish outfits (which usually isn't the case at thrift stores I frequent).
Even though the selection isn't the broadest, care is taken to put out items that are in good shape and categorized nicely and uniformly. Clothes are decently priced and in nice condition. What I really appreciate is that the children's items, though the area isn't very large, is very well taken care of. This is a great place to go to get a game or toy for your child that has either all or most of the parts and has been packaged with care to keep it that way while on the shelf (I like to buy board games and classroom items at this location--most board games and toys are under 5 dollars with board games being, on average, $2-$3 a piece).
Books are all nicely organized and priced and while there this holiday season, I picked up some gift items and (randomly) a brand new matching lid for my electric skillet! Score! I had accidentally melted the handle off the original lid. (Don't ask.)
Belts are priced only a dollar and many to choose from! This store usually has a nice selection of linens and suitcases, along with other household items like occasional electronics or furniture. Two years ago, I bought a tv/vcr combo for my son there with a remote in great condition for ten dollars. It is still perfect and in daily use today!
THE ONLY reason that I give this store a 4/5 score are shoe prices. I know--I probably sound like such a stickler! It's just that unless a shoe is in impeccable condition and/or a designer shoe, I feel that they should be marked accordingly. I wanted to pick up a few pairs of heels while at this location but for an average shoe, I felt that $7 a pair was just way to pricy for a worn shoe, even in clean condition.
All in all, this is a wonderful little location to peruse and the fact that it is out of the way makes for a relaxed shopping experience. I recommend stopping by!

--Very clean and well lit
--Ample parking for small location
--Usually a laid back and quiet shopping experience
--Well organized and small but nice selection of clothes, belts, toys and housewares
--Not the best place to buy shoes
Stop by and check it out!

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  1. Hi Chantal. Our shoes and hard-lines are merchandise categories that are less cut-and-dried than clothing in regards to pricing. While the vast majority of our shoes are priced in the $2-7 range, shoes that are brand new, or of a reputable brand and/or are in excellent condition, are priced accordingly ... it's a case-by-case, educated judgment call. Keep in mind our retail stores are our way of fundraising to support our mission of providing skills training and job placement services in West Michigan. Unlike many other nonprofits we do not rely on financial donations, but rather earn the majority of our operating budget through our social enterprises. People who generously donate their quality goods in support of this mission expect us to get the best fair price from their items.

    Thank you for your continued support! Your fashion ensembles of thrift store items are an inspiration to others!


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